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There’s powerful reasons to buy skin care products online

Are you looking for your skin care online? If you are then you probably understand that there are good reasons to buy that way. Lets examine what those reasons are.

The personal and beauty industry, which includes cosmetics, skin care products, soaps, shampoos and more, is a huge industry which makes billions of dollars a year. It thrives on hyped marketing using beautiful movie stars or models who probably know better than to actually use the products.

Saturation television advertising, saturation magazine advertising and more, including getting the products in front of us many consumers as possible by putting them in the stores is the technique to make a lot of money in the personal products industry.

However, sadly, this means that in many cases, if not most, the quality of the products is the last consideration. There are so many other things which require money first. All that television and magazine advertising is incredibly expensive. That movie star gets paid lots of money. And every store that sells products has to get a substantial markup as their incentive for selling care online

As a result the quality of the products is often compromised. We have spoken about this before on our website. Whilst there are many extremely high quality ingredients available for use in skin care products many are more expensive, and for that reason so many major skin care brands use cheap ingredients rather than effective ingredients.

Mineral oil is a fine example. You’ll see mineral oil used in many skin care products, despite the fact that it has no moisturizing properties at all, and is usually present merely as an attempt to limit moisture loss, because mineral oil coats the skin with a thin film of oil.

There are much better moisturizing agents than mineral oil. Olive oil, Shea butter and more are much more effective at moisturizing the skin, but are far more expensive than mineral oil, which costs almost nothing.

Online skin care products, or at least some of them, have one major advantage over those bought in the stores. There is no middle man. The best skin care products available are only available on the net, you cannot buy them anywhere but direct from the manufacturer.

That means that they can afford to use high quality ingredients such as olive oil and Shea butter and yet still sell their products online at a price that is highly competitive with those in the stores. And you’re buying far higher quality products.

Of course that doesn’t mean that all skin care products online are high quality. The very best skin care products on the net are extremely high quality, and are highly competitively priced, for the reasons explained, however it is still possible in many cases to buy those big name brands online as well. So if you’re looking for skin care online you have to know what you’re looking for.

And the company which sells the best skin care products doesn’t advertise at all. Chances are for this reason you’ve never even heard of them. They prefer to direct their budget into product research and development and quality rather than advertising, and to build a loyal and growing body of customers who, once they have tried the products, keep coming back for more. That’s a business philosophy for slow but effective long-term growth, based on product quality rather than marketing budget.

And, on top of this, they recognize that buying skin care on the net from a company you’ve never heard of takes a leap of faith, and so for this reason they offer a full 100% money back guarantee so that you can try the products risk free and see for yourself how well they work.

So remember, search for your skin care on line. You’ll be surprised at how good online skin care products can be, once you’ve given them a try, guaranteed.

You won’t be disappointed.

(And the best olive oil moisturizer isn’t even a moisturizer)

Olive oil moisturizers aren’t all that common, because many of the major skin care brands use cheaper oils for their moisturizing properties. One of the cheap oils that is commonly used in many anti aging skin products is mineral oil. Mineral oil is a petrochemical product made from crude oil, and is commonly used in anti aging skin products because it is extremely cheap. Olive oil is much more expensive. Lets look at what and olive oil moisturizer is and why you should be using olive oil rather than mineral oil to moisturize your skin.

The moisturizing properties of olive oil have been known for centuries. Whilst very good for the health when eaten olive oil is also extremely good for your skin. It is very high in minerals, anti oxidants and vitamins and in particular in vitamin E as well as vitamin A.

Using olive oil on the skin helps protect the skin from the operation of free radicals which damage the cells in the skin. Olive oil helps regulate the skin’s natural oils and also helps protect the skin from external ravages such as pollution. As a moisturizer it is very effective in helping produce soft supple skin.olive oil moisturizers

It is also of particular benefit from people who suffer from particularly dry skin or some conditions such as rashes, psoriasis or eczema.

As already mentioned you’re more likely to find mineral oil in your anti aging products than you are to find olive oil however. The reason is simple, mineral oil is cheap and olive oil is expensive. Most companies that produce skin care products prefer to direct as much money as possible towards marketing and advertising, particularly on television and in magazines, and to keep the price of the product competitive by using cheaper ingredients.

Mineral oil has no direct moisturizing properties of it’s own. The intention is that it will help keep your skin better hydrated by forming a thin layer of oil over the skin thereby helping prevent moisture loss. It does this, however it also clogs pores which can lead to acne, and there are suggestions that mineral oil is also not good your health. It produces an oily feel to the skin.

If you prefer skin care products with olive oil rather than mineral oil then you’ll find to get a much better result. But you’re less likely to find olive oil in most of the big name brands on the shelves of your supermarket.

Olive oil moisturizers do exist, however the skin care products which we consider to be the best anti aging skin products on the market, whilst using olive oil in their products, do not actually produce a moisturizer.

There is a simple reason for this. All their products moisturize successfully and there is no need to produce a dedicated moisturizer. Using their regular skin care products moisturiszs very well.

This is achieved not just by adding olive oil to the products but also a range of other natural moisturizers such as Shea butter, Grapeseed oil and others such as Babassu, Maracuja and more. Babassu is a natural waxy substance extracted from the fruit of the Babassu tree found in Brazil. It moisturizes the skin without producing any oily residue and is effective on dry and itchy skin in particular.

Maracuja is an extract of passionfruit and is high in fatty acids helping to nourish your skin and make it feels softer.

It’s not necessary to buy a dedicated moisturizer because all of their excellent skin care productscontain these ingredients, and so work very effectively at moisturizing.

So if you’ve been looking for an olive oil moisturizer the good news is that olive oil does moisturize very effectively, and that there are excellent natural skin care products available which use olive oil as well as many other natural ingredients to produce a high quality moisturizing effect.

Not only that but these products are backed up with a full 100 percent money back guarantee, and that is extremely rare for any skin care products.

Extremely rare.

Therefore if you understand the benefits of using natural ingredients such as olive oil for your skin care it is well worth giving the skin care products of Xtend Life a try, fully guaranteed, to see how effectively they can work for you.

The best nature skin care products are safe to use and fully guaranteed

Did you realise that in the US there is almost no regulation governing what ingredients go into skin care products? Did you realise that the FDA is not required to approve skin care products before they go on the market, and that any company that manufactures products that go on your skin, including cosmetics, can put virtually any ingredient that they want into the product?

And given the history of big business in the US, are you confident that these companies would only use safe ingredients in their products, despite the fact that there are many extremely hazardous ingredients which may be put into skin care products legally?

No we have no confidence either that the massive companies producing so many of the skin care products you see on the shelves today have a sufficient commitment to their customers that they wouldn’t do anything that might endanger their health.

That’s why we are so keen suggest that you use high quality nature skin care products rather than the big brands. That’s because there is ample evidence that there are some toxic ingredients in so many of the big brands. Just have a look at several of those toxic ingredients, though there’s many many examples, and if you’d like to find out more go to the Cosmetic Safety Database where you can spend some time reading more, or even searching out individual products or manufacturers to find out exactly what’s in those products and what the risk is to your health.nature skin care products

Lets look at a few examples.

1. Fragrances are wonderful things. Everybody likes to smell good, and what’s wrong with smelling good? Everyone assumes that a nice fragrance is distilled from roses or something like that. Sadly that is far from the truth. Most fragrances are simply synthetic chemicals manufactured in a laboratory, and many contain ingredients which can damage your health.

Lets do a search at the Cosmetic Safety Database and see what it tells us about fragrances. You’ll see that fragrance is listed with a hazard score of 8 on a scale of 8 to 10 of hazard.

As you can see from the page fragrances can be linked to neurotoxicity, allergies, immunotoxicity and more. And you will see that there are 934 studies in the Pubmed science library referencing the toxicity of fragrances.

Unfortunately a fragrance is just a chemical, sometimes completely harmless, sometimes not. And sadly there are no regulations requiring companies that manufacture skin care products, or many other products that contain fragrances, to list the chemical ingredients of a fragrance. Usually all you see is “fragrance” on the label.

2. 1,4 Dioxane. This is a known carcinogen and is a byproduct of various industrial processes, and may, or may not, be found in many products. Use the search at the Cosmetic Database we you can see the risks from 1,4 Dioxane. They include the risk of cancer as well as much more. And you can see the link to products which may contain 1,4 Dioxane.

3. Parabens. Parabens are a class of preservative that are used in many skin care products. Search at the Cosmetics Database.  Click on Propylparaben and you’ll see that it is linked to cancer, developmental and reproductive toxicity and immunotoxicity. It can be found in more than 8000 products. Sadly although there are many natural preservatives which work effectively parabens are much cheaper than the natural alternatives, and so are more commonly used.

Hopefully you’re beginning to get the picture, namely that the cosmetics and skin care industries are not regulated, and the companies that manufacture the products can put pretty much whatever they want into those products, and they do, notwithstanding that many of these ingredients are dangerous.

Nature skin care products, or at least the very best nature skin care products, are manufactured only with ingredients sourced from natural sources such as plants, and which are known to be safe to people.

The company that makes the best natural skin care products demonstrates its commitment to the safety of it’s customers by undertaking to only use ingredients which are “safe enough to eat”. In other words they put the health of their customers first.

If all of the above comes as a bit of a shock to you then it’s time for you to spend a little time researching, there’s plenty of information on the Internet about the dangers of many mainstream brands of skin care products, cosmetics and much much more.

And make sure you use high quality nature skin care products the next time you buy your skin care products. Not only are they much safer they are also more effective than the big brand names, and they are backed up with a full money back guarantee so you can try the products risk free and satisfy yourself about the quality of the products yourself.

Do yourself a favor, give the products a try, stay healthy and see how well they work.