And for that matter what are “all natural anti aging products”?

The market for all natural anti aging skin care products is growing at a huge rate. Recently L’Oreal purchased The Body Shop, we expect because L’Oreal recognizes the future of the natural anti aging products industry and wants to get a toehold in that industry. And for good reason.

Here on this website we seek to alert our readers about some of the dangers of many of the ingredients that are found in so many of the skin care products (and other personal products) that are found on the shelves of your local stores and which you may be using right now.

If you’d like to find out more about those dangerous ingredients in skin care products please read some of our other articles because today we want to talk about all natural anti aging skincare, what it is, what it isn’t, and what you should be looking for if you’re seeking to find effective and safe anti aging products.

The first thing to say is that the word “natural” has no formal definition in the anti ageing industry and there is no formula to determine whether or not ingredients used in any products, whether they be advertised as “natural” or not, are really “natural”. This also applies to “organic” anti aging products which equally have no formal definition.

In our research we have found products which are advertised as natural skin care products and when you look on the label you will see so many of the ingredients that so many people consider suspicious listed there. Parabens are an example.
natural anti aging products

There are no laws or regulations which govern when a manufacturer can claim that their skin care products are “natural” or “organic”. And of course there will always be manufacturers of anti ageing products that will take advantage of this.

Therefore if you’re seeking to find safe and effective “natural” skin care products it is not sufficient just to rely on the advertising. You need to go further.

How you do that? Firstly lets examine why people are searching for anti aging natural products.

Clearly one reason is that many people now recognize the risks inherent in mainstream skin care products and therefore they are seeking a safe alternative. They also recognize that many mainstream skin care products are not very effective because the amount of money spent on active ingredients is minimized so that the maximum amount of the budget can be spent on advertising.

Therefore, if that is the case, you need to discover something about the company that makes the products that you are considering purchasing and in particular its business philosophy. The big skin care companies tend to focus on sales and marketing rather than product quality and safety. This means that their products are not their main concern.

The best skin care companies that make natural skin care products reverse that equation. They focus primarily on product quality and safety and tend to spend less money, or none, on marketing and in particular on television advertising. Rather they know the quality of their products and they also understand that their products will sell through word of mouth and that once they have a customer they will often have that customer for life.

They may not be able to quickly ramp up sales as the big companies do by spending millions on television advertising but over time they can develop a committed and happy customer base that understand the quality and safety of the products.

This is a totally different corporate philosophy to the big anti aging companies. The big companies tend to have a very small moral compass when it comes to producing their products, and are happy to produce a product that will sell whether it’s effective or not and whether it uses safe ingredients or not.

There is one company that we have found that has a corporate philosophy about its products that gives us a huge sense of relief. They are committed to both the safety and quality of their all natural anti aging skin care products.

Their commitment to the safety of their products started even before their first anti aging product was even produced. Their brief to their development team was that any antiaging products that they were to develop had to be “safe enough to eat”.
all natural anti aging products

And that is their first commitment to their customers, that their products are safe enough to eat. For this reason none of their skin care products contain fragrances.

Their second commitment to their customers is about their product quality. They seek to produce (and do produce) the finest anti aging skin care products in the world. They do this by maximizing the money they spend on product quality and they use a range of natural ingredients that are way more expensive than the chemical alternatives used by the big companies.

As we said there is no definition of natural, and even natural products can be dangerous. This company, called Xtend Life, will only use products that are known to be safe and known to be effective. This includes a wide range of natural oils, extracts from seaweed and the wool of sheep and a wide range of other natural products all of which are known to be both extremely effective and safe, though many of them are expensive.

Their natural skin care products work very well however they fully understand that people are suspicious of this because of a poor result that they may have previously obtained from mainstream skin care products and so, as evidence of their commitment to their products, and so that prospective customers can have some of the worry eliminated from buying the products they offer a full 90 day money back guarantee. That is extremely unusual in the antiaging industry.

Because they spend much larger amounts on product quality and ingredients they do not have the money to spend on television advertising and they don’t advertise at all. This reason, even though their products contain expensive ingredients, they are still able to market them at an extremely competitive price. They do not need to factor in the cost of advertising. And you’ve probably never heard of them for that reason.

So if you understand the risks inherent in so many well known anti aging skincare products, and if you’re looking for safe and natural alternatives, you also need to understand that simply buying products advertised as  “all natural” or “organic”  anti aging products is no guarantee of either the effectiveness of the products or the safety of the ingredients.

You need to find a company with a demonstrated commitment to both product safety and product quality, it is only the company’s corporate philosophy that tells you how good, and how safe, their anti aging skin products really are.

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