What alternatives do you have to anti aging facial treatments?

Anti aging facial treatments are big business nowadays and there are many many anti aging facials to choose from, some extremely expensive. And we’re not saying that these facial treatments are all bad, just that there may be better ways to achieve the same result at a much lower cost.

An anti aging facial can involve a considerable amount of time as well as expense. A facial may well include a range of different skin treatments including skin exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, an extraction to open the pores and clean the skin, facial massage and sometimes a range of masks and peels. Whilst you may enjoy having an anti aging facial you may find that it’s very expensive.

The purpose of an anti aging facial treatment is to clean the skin and nourish it to produce clear healthy skin. It’s intended to make your skin glow with health and feel great.

Lets see if there is another way to achieve the same result at a much lower cost and to produce a result that is more long-lasting.

The best way to have clear, healthy and glowing skin is to improve your overall skin health. As you age your skin starts to lose some essential components that contribute to skin health such as collagen and elastin. Aging and a reduction in skin health and in particular in skin elasticity means that your skin starts to show the signs of aging such as skin sagging and wrinkles.

Is it possible to combat this? Yes it is. And if you are able to achieve better skin health overall then this will be much more permanent than the results of an anti aging facial treatment.

So how do you achieve better skin health and at a reasonable cost? Here’s a few things that you need to understand about skin health that will help.
Anti Aging Facial Treatments

The first of these is that skin health reduces with age but it is not just age that contributes to a reduction in skin health. There’s a range of other lifestyle factors all of which help reduce overall skin health as you age. Here’s the things that you need to do to achieve better skin health right throughout your life to keep signs of skin aging at bay better than any anti aging facial treatment could ever do.

1. One of the biggest contributing factors to skin health, as well as to your overall health, is your diet. Many people understand that what you eat contributes to your general health, but don’t make the connection to their skin health.

A diet high in fresh fruit and vegetables is also high in essential nutrients as well as a wide range of antioxidants, all of which are very important to optimum skin health.

Skin is just like the other organs in your body. The good health of your skin depends on what you eat. And because skin is the most visible organ of your body then what you eat shows to everybody.

If you live on a diet of burgers and pizza this will show in your skin. You can’t have a healthy glowing skin on pizzas and burgers.

2. Exercise is also something that is overlooked when it comes to skin health. Whilst most people understand that exercise is important to overall health many do not consider the importance of exercise to skin health. Just as with diet, how much exercise you get in your life will show in your skin.

Exercise improves the circulation of the blood and this is very important to skin health.

3. One of the worst things you can do to your skin is to smoke. Smoking damages your skin and is about the fastest way to show your age prematurely.

If you’re interested in the best skin health then don’t smoke.

4. Almost as bad as smoking is getting sunburned. Sunburn is terrible for your skin and just like smoking and sunburn will age your skin prematurely. It is very important to avoid getting burnt.

If you’re out in the sun in the middle of the day, particularly in summer, make sure you wear a hat and a shirt. If you can’t do this then use sunscreen however it is better, if you can, to cover up.

5. Use anti aging skin care products that help improve overall skin health. We previously mentioned one of the most significant factors in skin ageing, namely the loss of collagen and elastin with age.

There are excellent natural anti aging skin care products which help stimulate the skin to produce more of it’s own collagen and elastin and by doing this skin will start to improve it’s elasticity and an improvement in skin elasticity will help reduce the visible signs of skin aging, skin sagging and wrinkles.

If you follow that 5 step program you’re well on the way to better skin health. Your skin will look better and feel better. You will achieve much more than you will simply by getting the occasional anti aging facial treatment.

And you’ll be much healthy generally and you’ll save plenty of money.

Whilst anti aging facial treatments may be worthwhile in the short term they are very expensive. Make some lifestyle changes and use some top quality anti aging skin care products and you’ll be healthier and your skin will look healthy and you’ll have money in the bank.

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