And is a moisturizer for dry skin enough to fix the problem?

Dry skin is a condition that affects many women, and men. And selecting a moisturizer for dry skin isn’t easy. The first thing to do is to try and find out why your skin is dry.

There’s a range of causes of dry skin. Some of these causes will respond to high quality skin care products, and some will not.

And dry skin can be accompanied by all sorts of other problems such as skin redness, itching and skin sensitivity. And if the condition gets serious it can even lead to more problems. That’s because your skin is the first line of defence against infection from outside, and dryness and cracking can sometimes lead to infections entering.

Dry skin, or what is technically known as Xerosis, can be a serious matter as you can see. If you are suffering from problems that seem to lead to constant itching, cracking, redness and blotchiness then you ought first consider consulting your doctor. Some conditions require the care of a doctor or dermatologist.

There are specific skin conditions which may well require the care of a doctor, for example dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis, to name 3. Each of these can result in dry skin.

The causes of dry skin can be many. For example there are a range of personal and beauty products that will themselves dry out your skin. We have already talked about many of the chemical and petrochemical ingredients used in so many of our personal products including skin care products. Petrochemical ingredients in these types of products, along with various other chemical ingredients can themselves lead to skin problems including dryness.Moisturizer For Dry Skin

And surprisingly some soaps may also cause drying of the skin for the exact same reasons. It is not usually necessary to wash all your body, and harsh soaps can often strip moisture and natural oils from your skin.

As well as soaps some bath oils and foams can also lead to skin dryness.

And some medical conditions as well as medications can also lead to a drying of the skin.

Some of your personal habits may also cause the problem. For instance having baths or showers that are too hot may do this. Too much time in the sun or hot winds can dry your skin.

Often a cold winter can cause or exacerbate the problem, because so many of us like to have the heat turned up high. This often results in a very warm environment with low humidity. Using a humidifier in winter can help.

As you can see dry skin has a number of causes. A good moisturizer for dry skin may well help, but there is more that you can do.

Firstly let’s consider what you need to look for in a good dry skin moisturizer. As previously mentioned the first thing to look for is a moisturizer or anti aging product that does not contain nasty chemical ingredients. The best moisturizer is a natural facial moisturizer that only contains natural ingredients that are known to be safe and are also good for your skin.

It may sound extraordinary but so many of the chemical ingredients found in mainstream moisturizers that you see on the shelves of your local store every day can cause skin problems themselves.

There’s a wide range of naturally occurring oils that make wonderful natural moisturizers, are good for your skin and are perfectly safe. Olive oil moisturizers, Jojoba oil moisturizers and Shea butter moisturizers are 3 great examples, however there are more.

The moisturizing properties of natural ingredients like these 3 have been known for centuries, however in our modern society, which is all about greed and profit, skin care companies use artificial chemical ingredients and petrochemical ingredients to minimize cost and maximize profit. They’re cheap, so they can spend more money on advertising and marketing.

However there are excellent niche natural skin care companies, one in particular, which subscribes to the principle that top quality products should work well without risking your health or your skin. They make a range of excellent natural skin care products utilizing ingredients such as Jojoba oil, live oil and Shea butter which are effective at replacing lost skin oils and maintaining moisture levels.

These products work equally well on all types of skin including sensitive skin, dry skin and oily skin. In fact they don’t need to make a dedicated moisturizer because the ingredients that we’ve previously spoken about are found in all their products, all of which moisturize successfully and all of which work very well for those suffering from dry skin.

If you’re looking for a moisturizer for dry skin there are solutions. When you’re in the bath or shower keep your water temperature a little lower than you might otherwise, make sure your air is well humidified in winter, and use top shelf natural skin care products that will not harm your skin and will moisturize effectively.

And remember, there are dry skin problems which will need a medical solution, so if you consider your dry skin sufficiently serious, and in particular if you have itchy skin that is red and cracking then don’t hesitate to consult your doctor.

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