Unfortunately facial cleansers are like many other skin care products. Many of them contain unsafe ingredients.

You may have heard about the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. In that database you can search individual products as well as ingredients in products and also the manufacturers of products to ascertain whether, in the view of the EWG, that product is safe to use on your skin.

If you search facial cleansers you’ll find a range of them with various concerns. The database gives a score to each product from 0 to 10. 0 is quite safe for people to use, and 10 is high risk.

Lets look at one facial cleanser listed in the database. It’s the Freeman Feeling Beautiful Refining Facial Cleanser, Pear.

This facial cleanser is given a rating of 9/10, in other words it overall hazard is high, there is a low risk of cancer from using the product, a slightly higher risk of developmental and reproductive toxicity and a high risk of allergies and immunotoxicity.
All natural facial cleanser
This is like many other skin care products available to skin care consumers to buy over-the-counter. Consumers naïvely assume that all of these products are both safe and effective when in fact neither are generally true.

Whilst it might be a surprise to you one of the most risky ingredients in this product is fragrance, which scores than 8/10 for risk.

Unfortunately fragrances are nothing more than chemicals, and usually the nature of the chemicals is undisclosed on the bottle. Fragrances used in this product are linked to neurotoxicity, allergies and immunotoxicity.

Why would anyone want to use a facial cleanser or any other type of skin care product if it put them at even the slightest risk of any of these sorts of health concerns?

The answer is that no one would want to, but most people are doing it unknowingly. In other words they are using products assuming them to be safe, which many are not, and also assume you that they work, and many do not.

There’s a wide range of naturally occurring ingredients which are known to be completely safe for use on people as well as very effective for good skin care.

Kiwifruit is a good example. Honey is another, particularly rich Manuka honey sourced from bees which frequent the Manuka tree in New Zealand.

Manuka honey is very high in vitamins and minerals and is well known for its ability to moisturize the skin and to reduce the risk of acne. Kiwifruit is a very high in antioxidants, which help combat the damage caused by free radicals in your skin.

Kiwifruit also has significant moisturising properties, helping to retain moisture in your skin.

A natural foaming facial cleanser such as the foaming facial cleanser from Xtend Life helps improve your skin health without offering any risk from harsh chemicals. This product was 2 years in the making, and Xtend Life are so confident of its quality that they offer you a full six-month moneyback guarantee if you are not satisfied with how well the product works for you.

The reality is that many facial cleansers use harsh chemical ingredients, or is a natural facial cleanser such as the foaming facial cleanser does not, and so does not risk your skin, and works better.

Give it a try, you have a full six-month guarantee allowing you to do just that. Get yourself a wonderful kiwi facial.

And you’ll never guess the biggest Japanese skin care secret

It’s no secret that Japanese women have fantastic skin, right through into old age, and for that reason many women are searching online for Japanese skin care secrets.

What exactly is the secret of Japanese skin care? Well of course that’s extremely difficult to answer, because one woman will have a different skin care routine to another woman.

However there is some general rules that we can point you towards, and is also one specific Japanese skin care secret that we reveal here.

One of the big secrets of the great skin that so many Japanese women have is diet. The Japanese have a great diet. It’s extremely high in fish and other seafoods, and fish is high in the Omega 3 essential fatty acids, and a good intake of Omega3 fats is extremely good for your skin.

That’s why one of our strongest skin care recommendation is to take high quality Omega 3 supplements. It’s not something that is normally associated with skin care but Omega 3 fats are extremely important to skin health and to maintaining moisture, and more Omega 3 in your diet is not only good for your general health but also good for your complexion.

And of course the Japanese diet also contains a high proportion of vegetables, and home cooking. Or at least it did up until recently. And as we have observed on our website before a healthy body also sports a healthy complexion, and having a home cooked diet high in fruit and vegetables is also good for your skin.

But there is one specific Japanese skin care secret that we can pass on to you today. It’s seaweed.japanese skin care secrets

Yes seaweed, and not just any old seaweed but a sea kelp found commonly around the coast of Japan. It is called Phytessence Wakame and it is a huge part of the Japanese diet. If you’ve been to a Japanese restaurant you’ve probably eaten it.

Phytessence Wakame has been a big part of the Japanese diet for generations.

Science is now beginning to understand that the Japanese diet rich in Phytessence Wakame is a big part of the reason why Japanese women have such great complexions. Phytessence Wakame is packed with all sorts of wonderful substances which are so good for your skin.

It’s loaded with a whole range of vitamins and minerals and anti oxidants, all of which are good to your skin, but there’s one thing in particular that makes Phytessence Wakame so important for Japanese skin care.

There is an acid in the skin called hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is extremely important in maintaining the elasticity and tone of your skin, and is highly responsible for helping collagen and elastin fibres to hold your skin together.

But there is also an enzyme called hyaluronidase in your skin, and it breaks down all that wonderful hyaluronic acid.

And Phytessence Wakame inhibits the actions of hyaluronidase and so protect your skin from having its hyaluronic acid broken down.

If that all sounds a little complex than the simple way to say it is that the ingredients of Phytessence Wakame protect your skin.

And it’s now possible to get high quality skin care products which incorporate Phytessence Wakame, along with a range of other natural ingredients, and which now, according to studies, are showing extremely positive results in maintaining skin health and improving your complexion.

So that’s the real Japanese skin care secret. Of course you can always start eating seaweed yourself, provided you get the right type, but you might find that it’s not as tasty as you might expect.

Or you can start using natural skin care products which incorporate Phytessence Wakame and give you the same results.

And believe us, seaweed isn’t that good, it’s very chewy.

There’s powerful reasons to buy skin care products online

Are you looking for your skin care online? If you are then you probably understand that there are good reasons to buy that way. Lets examine what those reasons are.

The personal and beauty industry, which includes cosmetics, skin care products, soaps, shampoos and more, is a huge industry which makes billions of dollars a year. It thrives on hyped marketing using beautiful movie stars or models who probably know better than to actually use the products.

Saturation television advertising, saturation magazine advertising and more, including getting the products in front of us many consumers as possible by putting them in the stores is the technique to make a lot of money in the personal products industry.

However, sadly, this means that in many cases, if not most, the quality of the products is the last consideration. There are so many other things which require money first. All that television and magazine advertising is incredibly expensive. That movie star gets paid lots of money. And every store that sells products has to get a substantial markup as their incentive for selling them.skin care online

As a result the quality of the products is often compromised. We have spoken about this before on our website. Whilst there are many extremely high quality ingredients available for use in skin care products many are more expensive, and for that reason so many major skin care brands use cheap ingredients rather than effective ingredients.

Mineral oil is a fine example. You’ll see mineral oil used in many skin care products, despite the fact that it has no moisturizing properties at all, and is usually present merely as an attempt to limit moisture loss, because mineral oil coats the skin with a thin film of oil.

There are much better moisturizing agents than mineral oil. Olive oil, Shea butter and more are much more effective at moisturizing the skin, but are far more expensive than mineral oil, which costs almost nothing.

Online skin care products, or at least some of them, have one major advantage over those bought in the stores. There is no middle man. The best skin care products available are only available on the net, you cannot buy them anywhere but direct from the manufacturer.

That means that they can afford to use high quality ingredients such as olive oil and Shea butter and yet still sell their products online at a price that is highly competitive with those in the stores. And you’re buying far higher quality products.

Of course that doesn’t mean that all skin care products online are high quality. The very best skin care products on the net are extremely high quality, and are highly competitively priced, for the reasons explained, however it is still possible in many cases to buy those big name brands online as well. So if you’re looking for skin care online you have to know what you’re looking for.

And the company which sells the best skin care products doesn’t advertise at all. Chances are for this reason you’ve never even heard of them. They prefer to direct their budget into product research and development and quality rather than advertising, and to build a loyal and growing body of customers who, once they have tried the products, keep coming back for more. That’s a business philosophy for slow but effective long-term growth, based on product quality rather than marketing budget.

And, on top of this, they recognize that buying skin care on the net from a company you’ve never heard of takes a leap of faith, and so for this reason they offer a full 100% money back guarantee so that you can try the products risk free and see for yourself how well they work.

So remember, search for your skin care on line. You’ll be surprised at how good online skin care products can be, once you’ve given them a try, guaranteed.

You won’t be disappointed.

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