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Anti Aging Skin Products containing fragrances can damage your health

Everyone likes to smell nice. There’s nothing wrong with that is there? That’s why so many of our personal products such as soaps, shampoos, deodorants, skin care products are much more contain fragrances.

What could possibly be wrong with smelling good?

Stay with us here and keep reading. You see a fragrance is nothing more than a chemical that smells good. Whilst we would all like to think that wonderful perfumes are made from essence of rosehip or something like that nothing could be further from the truth.

Fragrances are chemicals produced in a laboratory that smell nice. There are thousands of them, and most of them have never been tested to find out if they are safe for people to put on their skin.

Did you know that the European Union Scientific Committee on Cosmetic Products and Non-Food Products estimates that somewhere around 2 percent of all people can be allergic or hypersensitive to chemical fragrances?anti aging tips

Did you know that chemical fragrances are one of the top 5 allergens causing allergic reactions, and that includes asthma?

Did you know that in 1986 the US National Academy of Sciences recognized chemical fragrances as potentially leading to brain damage, because they were a potential neurotoxin?

So many anti aging skin products that you may use now contain fragrances. Everyone assumes that this is okay, no one questions it.

One of the most common fragrances synthetic musk. Studies have shown that people who use large quantities of personal products with fragrances will commonly have high levels of synthetic musk in their bodies. And new studies are showing that chemical fragrances are even to be found in the cord blood of our newborn babies.

Perhaps now you’re beginning to wonder if you should be putting those anti aging products on your skin at all? Good. You see chemical fragrances are only the start of the problem. There are so many other potentially harmful chemical ingredients in many anti aging products, as well as other chemical ingredients that have been clearly demonstrated to be dangerous to our health, including carcinogenic.

This is a scandal that the US government is now beginning to recognise with proposed legislation before the Congress now.

However our best anti aging tip is to avoid big brand-name anti aging skin care products. As well as being potentially dangerous to your health they are also relatively ineffective.

TheĀ best natural anti aging products do not contain any chemical fragrances at all. This is for all the reasons outlined above. They contain ingredients which are known to be safe and effective, and which work extremely well at producing the result that a consumer wants, namely high quality skin care.

And the best natural anti aging skin care productscome with a money back guarantee.

Oh and by the way, what do you do if you like wearing perfume? After all perfume is just another chemical fragrance.

What you do is this. Rather than putting the perfume on your skin just deb a little on the outside of your clothes.

That way you smell good without the fragrance chemical getting into your bloodstream.

There you have our best anti aging tip. Avoid fragrances.

The best anti aging tip has to be to stay healthy, and using fragrance free natural anti aging products is a great start. Why?

The best anti aging tips come in many forms and today we like to give you an anti aging tip that may be one of the most important that you’ll ever get. It’s as much a general health tip, however keeping healthy is about the best tip you’ll ever get to keeping age at bay and looking your best.

Our tip is this. Whenever you’re looking to buy anti aging and skin care products look for natural antiaging products that do not contain fragrances.

Why would we suggest that you source natural anti aging and skin care products that do not contain fragrances? Because there is clear evidence that fragrances, (along with a whole host of other chemical ingredients found in hundreds or even thousands of mainstream anti aging products) can be dangerous to your health.

How in the world could fragrances be dangerous? Surely a fragrance is just something that helps us smell good, and they probably come from rose petals or something like that. Sadly nothing could be further from the truth.

Fragrances are just chemicals that smell nice and most are chemicals created in a laboratory. Like many chemicals they can be dangerous to our health, and there is very little research to tell us whether any particular fragrance is dangerous or not. Not only that but the particular chemical name is usually not listed on the label because companies manufacturing anti ageing products are allowed to call these chemicals by generic terms such as “fragrance”.
Natural Anti Aging Tips

The skin care and anti aging companies are allowed to avoid labeling their ingredients correctly because the make-up of their fragrances is considered to be a trade secret and they don’t wish to give away their secrets.

And even products which are labeled as “unscented” can contain fragrances because these are what is known as “masking fragrances” there to cover up the smell of other chemicals.

Here’s just a few of the known or suspected risks of chemical fragrances in our anti aging skin care products and cosmetics as well as a wide range of other personal and beauty care products. After reading this you’ll see why our best antiaging tip is to use natural skin care products and natural anti aging products which do not contain fragrances.

1 It is known that chemical fragrances are among the top 5 allergens that can produce allergic reactions in people including asthma.

2 According to the EU’s Scientific Committee on Cosmetic Products and Non-food Products somewhere around one in 50 people may become hypersensitive to fragrances which can lead to a lifetime of allergic reactions including immune system damage. Many of the chemical fragrances used in products in the US are banned in Europe.

3 In 1986 the U.S. National Academy of Sciences identified certain ingredients of fragrances as a neurotoxin which can cause brain damage.

One of the most common chemical fragrances is synthetic musks. Studies have found that people who use high levels of products containing fragrances often have high levels of synthetic musks detected in their bodies. A relatively new study has even found synthetic musk in the umbilical cord blood of newborn American babies suggesting that this has got there whilst the mothers were still carrying their babies. Some experts consider that synthetic musks can disrupt the actions of human hormones.

Perhaps now you can see why we are suggesting that the best natural anti aging tip we can give you is to use natural skin care products and natural anti aging products that do not contain fragrances. Fragrances are merely there to make you smell good. Great anti aging skin care is not about smelling good. It’s about good overall health and it’s about using the best natural anti aging products available that do not contain synthetic chemicals such as fragrances which may put your health at risk.

Ageing gracefully and looking good above all is about being healthy. If your body is healthy you will radiate health and look good. If you’re unhealthy it’s hard to look your best. The very best anti ageing tip is to stay healthy right into old age, and a good way to increase your chances of doing this is to avoid anti aging products containing synthetic chemicals such as fragrances and much more.

There are companies that recognize the problems inherent in so many modern and mainstream skin care products and anti aging products and which seek to manufacture high quality natural skin care products which are extremely effective to use and which do not contain chemical ingredients found in so many mainstream products which put the health of ourselves and our children at risk.

In our view the best of these is Xtend Life which manufactures an extremely high quality range of natural skin care products that do not contain fragrances for the reasons outlined above. They have a demonstrated corporate commitment to producing safe and highly effective skin care and anti aging products that are affordable.

If you’re interested to find out more about some of the other risks of most mainstream modern anti aging skin care products then continue reading on our website. Here we hope to highlight for you some of the problems inherent in modern skin care products, and how you can avoid them by using high quality natural skin care products.

Why should you avoid anti aging products that make you smell nice?

People of any age like to smell good. However there is a few things that you need to know about smelling good, including about fragrances in your anti aging products. Aging isn’t something that many of us look forward to and so many women use anti aging skin care products to limit the effects of ageing on their skin. However some of the ingredients, like fragrances, are not quite as good for you as you may think.

Here at Restore My Skin we like to tell you about the risks as well as the benefits of so many modern anti aging skin products. And one of the most common ingredients in anti aging products as well as a host of other products is fragrance.

Fragrances have no anti aging properties. They are merely there because people like to smell nice and so if the products contain fragrances that make them smell nice they are more likely to buy the product. However fragrances are not an inert ingredient.

Of course fragrances are not limited to skin care products, they are found in a massive range of other personal products including, of course, perfumes.

There are thousands of different fragrances, some estimates are that there are over 4000. Virtually all of them are synthetic chemicals designed in a laboratory. Many of these have been shown to cause cancer or are toxic in other ways including toxic to the central nervous system.
Products Aging

Not all fragrances are dangerous, for example many essential oils are not, however chemical fragrances are usually used in such products as anti aging skin care products because they are much cheaper than safer alternatives such as essential oils.

The risks to our health are real from the ingredients found in so many anti aging products. Aging afflicts everyone and so the market for antiaging products is massive and billions of dollars are spent every year on lotions and potions to make us look younger. So many people are now using products on their skin that contain potentially dangerous ingredients like fragrance.

Some organizations are battling against this is. For instant the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (see link at right) is one such organization that attempts to publicize the risks inherent in so many modern skin products.

And it is even possible to search the ingredients found in so many products at the Cosmetic Safety Database (right) to see what the suspected risks are from those ingredients.

If you go to the Cosmetic Safety Database and search “fragrance” you will find some disturbing results. Various fragrances that are used in commercial products that anyone can buy are listed as being linked to cancer, allergies and immunotoxicity and neurotoxicity, disruption of the endocrine system and lastly, irritation to the skin, eyes and lungs (and more).

But the reality is for most people that is extremely hard to know whether the ingredients in the anti aging products that you may use now include fragrances like these.

So if you’re ageing and are interested in finding effective anti aging skin care products that don’t contain dangerous ingredients such as fragrance, what do you do?

At least one small company has made the decision to eliminate all potentially dangerous ingredients from their anti aging products. This company is called Xtend Life and they have decided not to use any fragrances in their products at all because firstly there is a risk attached to them and secondly that it is not essential to add a fragrance to any ageing products.

Their recommendation is not to use fragrances at all, or if you really wish to do so then use a perfume instead of buying anti aging products with fragrance added.

Why would you use a perfume? Surely perfumes are just a fragrance? Surely perfume too, if it’s a fragrance which it is, is equally risky?

That is in fact true, however when using skin care products you usually cover a reasonably large area of your skin with the product, and therefore the chemical ingredient that creates the fragrance covers a large area of your skin. The chemical can be absorbed into your skin and is therefore absorbed in a larger quantity.

Generally speaking when you use a perfume a couple of dabs on the neck is sufficient which greatly minimizes the surface area of the skin which can take up the fragrance into your system.

And if you’re buying perfumes you should also choose them very carefully for obvious reasons.

Xtend Life have a total commitment to making anti aging products that are not only safe to use but are also highly effective. At the commencement of their research into anti aging products the chairman of the company tasked their technical staff with developing a range of anti aging products that were “safe enough to eat”.

In other words all of the ingredients used in these products would be safe for your body even if you ate them. And in effect that’s what happens when you put them on your skin because they are absorbed into your system just as if you ate them.

The result is a safe and highly effective range of skin care and anti ageing products.

If you’re starting to realize the risks involved in modern personal products such as skin care products you may be moved to spend more time finding out about the ingredients that go into these products.

Or alternatively buy your products from a company with a demonstrated commitment to product quality and product safety.

Now that you’re aware of the risks of fragrances in so many personal products you should choose your products with care. Whilst Xtend Life make a range of excellent anti aging products they do not make so many other products that also contain fragrances.

So when buying so many personal products, bath and beauty products, cosmetics, shampoos and conditioners and so many more, don’t just buy what you see on the shelf without spending some more time considering the ingredients.