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Anti Aging Skin Products containing fragrances can damage your health

Everyone likes to smell nice. There’s nothing wrong with that is there? That’s why so many of our personal products such as soaps, shampoos, deodorants, skin care products are much more contain fragrances.

What could possibly be wrong with smelling good?

Stay with us here and keep reading. You see a fragrance is nothing more than a chemical that smells good. Whilst we would all like to think that wonderful perfumes are made from essence of rosehip or something like that nothing could be further from the truth.

Fragrances are chemicals produced in a laboratory that smell nice. There are thousands of them, and most of them have never been tested to find out if they are safe for people to put on their skin.

Did you know that the European Union Scientific Committee on Cosmetic Products and Non-Food Products estimates that somewhere around 2 percent of all people can be allergic or hypersensitive to chemical fragrances?anti aging tips

Did you know that chemical fragrances are one of the top 5 allergens causing allergic reactions, and that includes asthma?

Did you know that in 1986 the US National Academy of Sciences recognized chemical fragrances as potentially leading to brain damage, because they were a potential neurotoxin?

So many anti aging skin products that you may use now contain fragrances. Everyone assumes that this is okay, no one questions it.

One of the most common fragrances synthetic musk. Studies have shown that people who use large quantities of personal products with fragrances will commonly have high levels of synthetic musk in their bodies. And new studies are showing that chemical fragrances are even to be found in the cord blood of our newborn babies.

Perhaps now you’re beginning to wonder if you should be putting those anti aging products on your skin at all? Good. You see chemical fragrances are only the start of the problem. There are so many other potentially harmful chemical ingredients in many anti aging products, as well as other chemical ingredients that have been clearly demonstrated to be dangerous to our health, including carcinogenic.

This is a scandal that the US government is now beginning to recognise with proposed legislation before the Congress now.

However our best anti aging tip is to avoid big brand-name anti aging skin care products. As well as being potentially dangerous to your health they are also relatively ineffective.

TheĀ best natural anti aging products do not contain any chemical fragrances at all. This is for all the reasons outlined above. They contain ingredients which are known to be safe and effective, and which work extremely well at producing the result that a consumer wants, namely high quality skin care.

And the best natural anti aging skin care productscome with a money back guarantee.

Oh and by the way, what do you do if you like wearing perfume? After all perfume is just another chemical fragrance.

What you do is this. Rather than putting the perfume on your skin just deb a little on the outside of your clothes.

That way you smell good without the fragrance chemical getting into your bloodstream.

There you have our best anti aging tip. Avoid fragrances.

Dangerous ingredients in cosmetics video coming, here’s a teaser

For quite some time we have been warning our readers about the risks posed by chemical and petrochemical ingredients in a wide range of anti aging products and cosmetics as well as other personal, health and beauty products such as shampoos, toothpastes and deodorants.

If this is the first time that you’ve visited our site, and if this comes as news to you, then the sad news is that there is a wide range of big name personal products such as skin care products and cosmetics and more which contain harmful ingredients.

These ingredients include petrochemical products, in other words products derived from the distillation of crude oil, such as mineral oil.

And many of these chemicals which are found in so many of the anti aging skin care products and cosmetics that you may use every day have been linked to a wide range of health concerns including cancer.

There is a new video coming out which is produced by the Campaign Safe Cosmetics, an organisation dedicated to publicising this problem and to seeking, however it can, to eliminate the problem of dangerous toxic chemicals in our personal products.

The new video is a 7 minute video. It’s not out yet however it does have a short teaser for you to watch, and we put the teaser below.

Watch the video, and wait for the 7 minute story which is coming out soon. And don’t forget to read the rest of our website to find out more about dangerous ingredients in anti aging products and cosmetics, and where you can buy safe and effective natural anti aging skin products.

Keep your eye out on our site for the 7 minute video. We’ll put it here as soon as we are able.

Because not all skin care products are safe to use

Here at Restoremyskin.com we seek to inform you about the possible dangers to both your health and to your skin about so many skin care products and anti aging products, cosmetics and other personal products.

Here’s a short video that tells you about one resource that we use all the time to research products and ingredients in products for health and safety concerns. It’s not perfect because a lot of the ingredients used in these products have never been tested or studied to see if they are safe, or unsafe, to use on people. But it’s as good a resource as there is to do some undercover research

We hope you enjoy the video. There are excellent and quite safe natural anti aging skin products available. You don’t need to be using risky products that my cause health or skin problems.

Here’s the video, we hope it provides you with some good resources. To visit the Cosmetics Database mentioned in the video click here.

(NOTE: Tips on playing the video. To see full screen click the box on the bottom right of the screen, use escape to go back to a small screen. Full screen is recommended.)

Now head on over there and get researching anything at all that you might be worried about or just wanted to find out a little more about. Happy hunting.

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