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We have talked about the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics before. In fact we use a lot of their information right here to alert readers to some of the problems inherent in so many anti aging products currently on the market today, along with a whole host of different cosmetics and other personal and beauty care products.

So here’s a video that tells you a little more about the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

If you’d like to visit their website to find out more you can do so here.
It may come as a shock to you that the cosmetics, or the anti aging products that you use right now may contain dangerous ingredients. (However the good news is that there are excellent natural skin care products available that do not contain dangerous ingredients).

Sad, but true.

The best anti aging tip has to be to stay healthy, and using fragrance free natural anti aging products is a great start. Why?

The best anti aging tips come in many forms and today we like to give you an anti aging tip that may be one of the most important that you’ll ever get. It’s as much a general health tip, however keeping healthy is about the best tip you’ll ever get to keeping age at bay and looking your best.

Our tip is this. Whenever you’re looking to buy anti aging and skin care products look for natural antiaging products that do not contain fragrances.

Why would we suggest that you source natural anti aging and skin care products that do not contain fragrances? Because there is clear evidence that fragrances, (along with a whole host of other chemical ingredients found in hundreds or even thousands of mainstream anti aging products) can be dangerous to your health.

How in the world could fragrances be dangerous? Surely a fragrance is just something that helps us smell good, and they probably come from rose petals or something like that. Sadly nothing could be further from the truth.

Fragrances are just chemicals that smell nice and most are chemicals created in a laboratory. Like many chemicals they can be dangerous to our health, and there is very little research to tell us whether any particular fragrance is dangerous or not. Not only that but the particular chemical name is usually not listed on the label because companies manufacturing anti ageing products are allowed to call these chemicals by generic terms such as “fragrance”.
Natural Anti Aging Tips

The skin care and anti aging companies are allowed to avoid labeling their ingredients correctly because the make-up of their fragrances is considered to be a trade secret and they don’t wish to give away their secrets.

And even products which are labeled as “unscented” can contain fragrances because these are what is known as “masking fragrances” there to cover up the smell of other chemicals.

Here’s just a few of the known or suspected risks of chemical fragrances in our anti aging skin care products and cosmetics as well as a wide range of other personal and beauty care products. After reading this you’ll see why our best antiaging tip is to use natural skin care products and natural anti aging products which do not contain fragrances.

1 It is known that chemical fragrances are among the top 5 allergens that can produce allergic reactions in people including asthma.

2 According to the EU’s Scientific Committee on Cosmetic Products and Non-food Products somewhere around one in 50 people may become hypersensitive to fragrances which can lead to a lifetime of allergic reactions including immune system damage. Many of the chemical fragrances used in products in the US are banned in Europe.

3 In 1986 the U.S. National Academy of Sciences identified certain ingredients of fragrances as a neurotoxin which can cause brain damage.

One of the most common chemical fragrances is synthetic musks. Studies have found that people who use high levels of products containing fragrances often have high levels of synthetic musks detected in their bodies. A relatively new study has even found synthetic musk in the umbilical cord blood of newborn American babies suggesting that this has got there whilst the mothers were still carrying their babies. Some experts consider that synthetic musks can disrupt the actions of human hormones.

Perhaps now you can see why we are suggesting that the best natural anti aging tip we can give you is to use natural skin care products and natural anti aging products that do not contain fragrances. Fragrances are merely there to make you smell good. Great anti aging skin care is not about smelling good. It’s about good overall health and it’s about using the best natural anti aging products available that do not contain synthetic chemicals such as fragrances which may put your health at risk.

Ageing gracefully and looking good above all is about being healthy. If your body is healthy you will radiate health and look good. If you’re unhealthy it’s hard to look your best. The very best anti ageing tip is to stay healthy right into old age, and a good way to increase your chances of doing this is to avoid anti aging products containing synthetic chemicals such as fragrances and much more.

There are companies that recognize the problems inherent in so many modern and mainstream skin care products and anti aging products and which seek to manufacture high quality natural skin care products which are extremely effective to use and which do not contain chemical ingredients found in so many mainstream products which put the health of ourselves and our children at risk.

In our view the best of these is Xtend Life which manufactures an extremely high quality range of natural skin care products that do not contain fragrances for the reasons outlined above. They have a demonstrated corporate commitment to producing safe and highly effective skin care and anti aging products that are affordable.

If you’re interested to find out more about some of the other risks of most mainstream modern anti aging skin care products then continue reading on our website. Here we hope to highlight for you some of the problems inherent in modern skin care products, and how you can avoid them by using high quality natural skin care products.

Or why you need a natural moisturizer.

Sodium lauryl sulphate. You may have heard of it. Sodium lauryl sulphate is commonly found in many soaps and shampoos and it is now becoming much more well-known that it’s not good to find sodium lauryl sulphate, or what is sometimes called SLS, in these products. But it’s not so well known that SLS is also found in moisturizers.

Sodium lauryl sulphate is used by mechanics to degrease engines. It has a powerful effect against grease and oils and for this reason, as well as cleaning engines, it is also commonly found in soaps and shampoos. And now moisturizers. And what you’re about to read may start to convince you that if you don’t already use a natural moisturizer then now might be a good time to consider using a natural face moisturizer.

A study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology studied the effect of using moisturizer on mice. The intention of the researchers was actually to see if caffeine caused skin cancer in mice, however they made an interesting discovery.

A number of moisturizers, all of which contained sodium lauryl sulphate as well as mineral oil, were applied to the skin of the mice 5 times a day for 17 weeks. The mice were given a dose of UV radiation to stimulate the effects of sunlight.

It was discovered, to the surprise of the scientists, that these moisturizers used in the experiment increase the rate of skin cancer in mice, and specifically that they “increased the total number of histologically characterized tumors by 69%”.
Natural Moisturizer

As this was not what was being investigated in the study the scientists were very interested to find that a range of commonly available moisturizers (Dermabase, Dermovan, Eucerin, and Vanicream) caused skin cancer in mice.

The scientists decided to run another test. This time they used a moisturizer with no mineral oil and no sodium lauryl sulphate. This time they found that the moisturizer had no effect of causing skin cancer in the mice.

Perhaps now you’re beginning to see why we are suggesting to you that using a natural facial moisturizer may not be such a bad idea after all.

There is a big movement worldwide to avoiding personal products using sodium lauryl sulphate as an ingredient. If you search the Cosmetic Safety Database you will see that sodium lauryl sulphate is linked to cancer as well as to a whole range of other health concerns including irritation to the skin.

And whilst most consumers are now becoming aware that sodium lauryl sulphate is an active ingredient in a wide range of soaps and shampoos it is not so well known that it is also an ingredient in many moisturizers. In fact the Cosmetic Safety Database listed it as an ingredient in 48 different moisturizers.

The Cosmetic Safety Database give a hazard score to different products according to their perceived level of health risk. This score ranges from 1 (low health risk) to 10 (high health risk). There are moisturizers listed in the Cosmetic Safety Database with a health risk score of 10. (The Skin Success Normal).

Now you may be even more interested in junking the moisturiser that you use now and looking for a good anti aging natural moisturizer that uses ingredients that do not offer any health risks to the user. However there is more.

In volume 2, number 7, in 1983, a report in the Journal of the American College Of Toxicology tells us more about the health risks of sodium lauryl sulphate. It was observed that SLS penetrated the skin very effectively.

Results show that a 10 percent concentration of SLS caused damage to the eyes of rabbits. Skin irritation was found in doses of .5 percent to 10 percent and severe skin irritation was observed at 10 percent to 30 percent. At 15 percent, when animal tested, labored breathing was observed, diarrhea and 20 percent of animals died.

Hopefully you see our point. There are powerful reasons when searching for anti aging products such as anti aging moisturizers to select products such as natural moisturizers that do not contain sodium lauryl sulphate or any of the other chemical ingredients that we talk about here on our website.

Lets examine some of the ingredients you might like to find in a high quality natural face moisturizer.

There’s a wide range of natural oils found in fruits and nuts which are known to have excellent moisturizing properties. Common oils like avocado oil, macadamia oil and olive oil have excellent moisturizing properties and of course all these oils are completely safe. In fact they have been eaten quite safely by generations of people.

Avocado oil deeply penetrates your skin and has been used for centuries for its moisturizing properties. It is rich in a range of essential as well as many important fats. It has been shown to help reduce age spots and to soften the skin. It is particularly effective on dry skin and helps rejuvenate damage skin. It also helps increase the amount of collagen in the skin.

Macadamia oil is also easily absorbed into the skin and has been shown to help protect the skin cells from ageing. It is a wonderful natural moisturizer.

And there are of course many many more natural ingredients which can be used in anti aging skin care products which are safe and highly effective and produce wonderful anti aging products.
Natural Moisturizer

The obvious question to ask is why are ingredients such as mineral oil and sodium lauryl sulphate found in products such as moisturizers when there are so much more effective, and safe, natural alternatives? The answer is very simple. Mineral oil and sodium lauryl sulphate are incredibly cheap whereas natural oils such as avocado oil and macadamia oil are expensive.

So if we’ve convinced you about the benefits of a natural moisturizer, what do you do? Well of course you could just source ingredients such as macadamia oil and avocado oil and mix these together to produce your own natural moisturizer. This is certainly likely to produce a moisturizer which is much more effective than those you find on the shelves of your store and which has no health implications.

However there are companies which have spent many years formulating natural skin care products which use these types of ingredients, and which result in excellent, and safe, natural anti aging products, and these excellent products will produce a much better result at promoting better overall skin health.

In fact the company that produces what we consider to be the best natural anti aging products in the world does not even make a moisturizer. This is because the natural ingredients which moisturize so successfully are found in all their products and therefore there is no need to make a dedicated natural moisturizer, because all their products improve skin health and moisture levels very successfully.

We consider these products to be the best natural anti aging products available. They are made from all safe and natural ingredients, are extremely effective and are backed up by a money back guarantee.

Hopefully today you’ve learn’t more about the risks of sodium lauryl sulphate and moisturizers which contain it.

And hopefully today is the day that you decide to swear off big brand-name anti aging products and use only natural anti aging products which work as well and probably better than the big brands and which do not threaten your health.

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