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If you’re interested in great skin care find out about Shea Butter. Skin health can be improved using it.

Today we want to look at Shea Butter, and examine what it is, what it does for your skin and why you should be using skin care products containing it. Skin just loves Shea Butter.

African Shea Butter is a natural product that comes from the seed of the Shea tree which is found the warmer more tropical regions of West Africa. Pure Shea Butter comes from the nut of the tree and is extracted by the locals for a range of reasons. It is a rich, safe natural product that is used for, amongst other things, cooking and eating. However it’s benefits extend well beyond its use as a food, and include some important skin healing properties.

Unrefined Shea Butter, or pure Shea Butter, is the product that is obtained when originally extracted from the nut however it is also possible to get refined Shea Butter. In some cases the refining process is achieved by means of various chemicals.

There is a range of benefits from the use of Shea Butter, benefits to both the skin and for other uses, so today we will look at the uses of Shea Butter on the skin to improve skin health, and even to heal some skin conditions.
Shea Butter Skin

It is packed with a range of nutrients including vitamins such as vitamin E and vitamin A as well as a range of essential fatty acids. For many years the benefits of Shea Butter for dry skin relief and skin beauty, and also the use of Shea butter on oily skin, have been recognized. The essential fatty acids penetrate the skin to hydrate it very effectively and for this reason it is an excellent natural moisturizing butter.

It helps heal skin blemishes and rashes and can also reduce itchiness of the skin for those who suffer from dry skin.

In fact it’s natural oils are extremely similar to the oils produced by the skin. For this reason it penetrates skin to hydrate it deeply, it relieves dryness and helps improve skin moisture levels. It does not clog the pores as is the case with the ingredients of many mainstream moisturizers. For example mineral oil is used in many moisturizers and mineral oil clogs the pores.

It’s one of the best things you can do for skin with depleted moisture problems.

It’s lush moisturizing properties means that wrinkles are reduced and skin elasticity, one of the most important components of good skin health, including the reduction of wrinkles, is improved dramatically.

Shea butter is often used in products designed to reduce stretchmarks after pregnancy because of its ability to soften the skin and increase elasticity. The benefits of Shea Butter to the skin extend to more than just moisturizing.

Studies have shown that the use of Shea Butter creams can result in visible skin improvements within 4 to 6 weeks.

However as previously mentioned many products use refined Shea Butter. And the refining process can often involve chemicals. The best skin care products use Shea Butter that is extracted and processed by cold pressing rather than the use of chemicals to ensure that there are no health risks from residual chemicals.

If you select the right skin care products you will find that they work very well to give skin a subtle allure, that ensures your skin beams with healthy radiance.

So if you’re interested in skin care products that work effectively and use natural (and safe) non chemical ingredients like Shea Butter you need to have a look at the natural skin care products from Xtend Life, who make what we consider to be the best skin care products in the world.

Want to know more about the down side of anti aging skin creams? (And the upside)?

If you’re worried about your gradual ageing then you may be much more interested in anti aging skin creams than you were when you were in your 20s. The more you see the visible effects of ageing on your skin the more you begin to think about your aging skin and what to do about it.

Chances are you’ve spent hours reading the advertisements, browsing the shelves of your department store and reading women’s magazines to try and determine whether any of the anti aging skin cremes on the market actually work. There are hundreds or even thousands of aging skin care products that make all sorts of promises about reversing the effects of ageing on your skin, and the reality is that many do very little.

Unfortunately the problem is that the market for antiaging products is enormous and is worth billions of dollars. In any industry where there is that much money to be made there will be companies, often the biggest and most profitable companies, who focus on the profit rather than the product. That’s true in the anti aging and skin care industry just as it is in many other industries.

The result is a plethora of new and supposedly wonderful skin care products which are advertised to reverse premature skin aging and make you look 30 years younger. The reality is in many cases they do very little. (Though this isn’t true for all of them)

The reason is that it is very easy to make huge amounts of money by making a poor quality product that costs very little and then spending big dollars advertising it. Advertising of skin care products, particularly on television using big name stars, is highly effective and sells millions of dollars worth of products, many of which are worthless.
Anti Aging Skin Creams

That’s the bad about the skincare and anti-aging industry. Most of the big players are prepared to spend as little as possible on product quality and as much as possible on advertising because it works to make big dollars.

Now for the ugly. Not only do many of the glitzy anti aging skin creams that you see advertised do very little for your skin, they can also be damaging to your health and your skin as well.

There are many products that contain chemical ingredients which are known to cause cancer and a range of other health problems and which are also known to irritate your skin. There are petrochemical products such as mineral oil and petrolatum in anti aging skin creams and these are known to be dangerous when applied to the skin and in some cases are banned in Europe for this reason.

The reason for this is the same. These ingredients are extremely cheap to use whereas safer alternatives which are known to be effective at promoting better skin health are much more expensive. If you’d like to find out more read some of the articles listed under the categories at the right.

Now to the good news. What I said above does not apply to all anti aging products. There are companies that seek to produce high quality products and which have a different business philosophy to most of the big players. These companies, one small one in particular, seek to produce high quality products with ingredients which are known to be extremely effective at promoting skin health and which are also known to be safe.

The products that these companies make are much more expensive to produce. However they are cost competitive to buy for one reason.

These companies rarely advertise. If these companies were to produce expensive products and also to engage in television advertising to compete with the big players they would be unable to market their products at a price that was competitive in the market place. However by saving the money they would have spent on advertising and applying that to product quality they are able to produce a much higher quality product and still sell it at a comparable price.

But of course because these companies don’t advertise you won’t see anything about their products in the magazines or on the television and so chances are you won’t know them.

These companies rely on their products doing the talking. The companies understand that slow organic growth of customers who buy the products and who use them for life is still an effective long-term business strategy.

One company in particular takes this to the extreme and even offers a 100 percent money back guarantee on all of their natural anti aging skin creams (all of which are highly effective and safe to use) which allows a potential customer to try the products knowing that they have the money back guarantee to rely on if they wish.

This company honors it’s guarantee in full but is rarely called on to refund any money as customers are invariably extremely happy with the products.

I believe this company makes the finest anti aging skin creams in the world however it’s unlikely that most people will be using them any time soon because they don’t advertise.

That’s the good, the bad and the ugly of anti aging skin creams.

Certainly there is bad news but there is also good news, there are safe and effective anti aging skin creams available, you just have to know where to find them.

Xtend TK is a fine example of a safe natural alternative ingredient found only in the best anti aging skin products.

Here at Restore My Skin we like to feature products that contain ingredients that identify with our philosophy that anti aging products should use natural ingredients that are safe to use as well as effective.

We spend some time researching the wrong ingredients in anti aging products, namely ingredients which may pose risks to your health, so we also feature some of the right ingredients, namely ingredients which pose no risks to your health and which are very effective.

Today we would like to look at Xtend TK. Xtend TK is an ingredient found only in the very highest quality anti aging skin care products. It is made from natural ingredients and is safe for both your health generally and to your skin and it is exceedingly effective at improving your overall skin health as well as reducing wrinkles. And as we have said before making your skin healthier is the best way to reduce wrinkles and look younger.

You may have heard of keratin. Keratin is a structural protein that is extremely tough that is found in various parts of your body including your hair and your nails and your skin. It is extremely strong and very fibrous and is part of the reason why your skin is elastic.

Keratin is extremely important in your skin, as are both collagen and elastin. As we age our skin gradually loses our supplies of all of these important skin proteins.
Cynergy TK

As a result our skin loses it’s health and vitality and elasticity. It starts to sag and we start to look older. Our skin forms fine lines and wrinkles and just doesn’t have the glow that it seemed that it had when it was younger.

For this reason many anti aging products seek to improve the levels of keratin, collagen and elastin in our skin. If we are able to improve the levels of these proteins in our skin then the health of our skin and in particular our skin elasticity will improve thereby increasing our general skin health and also reducing wrinkles.

Many regular anti aging products contain keratin. Because keratin is found in animal products such as hooves and horns these are where the keratin for use in anti aging skin products is normally sourced. It is extracted from the horns and hooves of animals and feathers of birds using a process that relies on heat and acid to remove the keratin.

Whilst this removes the keratin this combination of heat and acid changes the form of the keratin to a form which is de-naturalized rendering it useless to the skin.

Xtend TK supplies keratin in a form that is not a de-naturalized but which is in a form that is available to the skin. It is extracted from the wool of sheep as keratin is a protein also found in sheep’s wool.

The result is a keratin which is much more available to your skin. The company that makes Xtend TK refers to it as “bio active keratin”. Functional in the sense that it is bioavailable to your skin. What this keratin does is to stimulate the production of new skin cells for a range of reasons and in particular because it contains a range of zinc protein complexes which help repair the skin.

The proteins in Xtend TK help increase the production of collagen in the skin and collagen is the protein most responsible for skin elasticity. By increasing the levels of collagen in the skin skin elasticity is improved and skin health improved. With improved skin health comes in improved ability to retain skin moisture, and all of this helps reduce wrinkles.

Studies on the effectiveness of Xtend TK show improvements in skin elasticity of around 42 percent in around 3 weeks. This is impressive indeed.

Xtend TK contains keratin sourced from the wool of sheep. It is extracted in a way that does not de-naturalize the keratin and it’s form is not changed in any way. It is safe to use as an ingredient in the highest quality anti aging skin products.

So if Xtend TK works so well why don’t the big name anti aging companies use Xtend TK in their products? Because it’s very expensive. Xtend TK is much more expensive than chemical alternatives and these companies seek to use the cheapest ingredients possible. Rather than maximize the money they spend on the products they keep the products as cheap as possible and maximize the amount spent on advertising. This is their formula for maximizing profits and it works very well.

One very small niche anti aging company called Xtend Life makes what we consider to be the worlds finest anti aging skin products. They have reversed this philosophy so that they spend the maximum amount on product quality and nothing on advertising. For this reason they make excellent quality anti aging products but chances are you’ve never heard of them because they don’t advertise on TV.

They rely on their product quality doing the talking.

We write about Xtend TK today so that you can see some comparisons between the chemical ingredients used in so many mainstream anti aging skin care products, such as parabens and petrochemical products like mineral oil, and safe natural alternatives. The products of Xtend Life contain no parabens, no mineral oil and no petrochemical products at all.

The alternative to mainstream anti aging products is such natural anti aging products as those made by Xtend Life. You won’t see them advertised on TV but they have a dedicated following of customers who have used their products, in many cases, for many years.

If you appreciate the importance of selecting anti aging skincare products that don’t contain so many of the chemical ingredients found in today’s mainstream anti aging products we can suggest you try the products of Xtend Life.

But the only way to find out is to try the products for yourself.