Yes cosmetics and skin care products can go bad

It may not come as a surprise to you that some, in fact many, cosmetics and personal products contain chemical ingredients which may well be risky to your health.

More and more this matter is becoming public knowledge, with organisations and authors attempting to publicise the fact that many of the personal products that so many of us use every single day may well be damaging to our health.

In fact just recently a new book called “Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry” has also put some momentum behind this movement.

However the issue of dangerous chemicals being used in our skin care products and cosmetics and more is not a new one. The FDA is not required to test new products for the safety of their ingredients, it is up to the companies that manufacture these products to determine what goes in them.

Not all of it is good. For example tests have recently shown that more than 50 percent of lipsticks tested contained lead, despite the fact that this was not revealed on the label.

However there is a different issue to consider, on top of the risks to your health from chemical ingredients in personal products.
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This issue relates to the fact that it is perfectly possible for personal products like cosmetics and skin care products to go off, in other words to become contaminated with nasty things like bacteria or mold.

Of course I’m sure you know all about the problems with using things that have gone off. They aren’t good for you, particularly when there has been microbiological contamination.

In fact the FDA has recently been considering putting out guidelines to help people understand more about issues related to microbiological contamination of personal products like cosmetics, and in November 2011 held a public meeting to learn more about this problem.

The bottom line is that it is not safe to assume that personal products will last forever. Many of them, despite the fact that they contain preservatives, can and will go off, either because the preservatives have not been sufficiently effective, or they have been contaminated in some other way, often by the user.

(Of course it’s another issue about whether or not the preservatives are a health risk, one of the most common preservatives is a class of chemicals called parabens, and these also pose risks to your health, but that’s another matter.)

So observe some simple precautions when you’re using your personal products. Try and avoid cross contamination for instance by ensuring that you and only you use those products. If example you have a daughter in a household who also uses the products it’s better to purchase her own.

Keep all implements such as applicators clean, wash them regularly. And be aware that these products can become contaminated, so don’t just open up the bottle and use them without careful inspection.

And it’s important as well to make sure that you are particularly careful with any product which goes on or around your eyes, your eyes are particularly susceptible.

To avoid the risks of chemical contamination purchase safe cosmetics and safe and effective skin care products with no nasty chemical ingredients. It’s perfectly possible to source products such as these, but they are not generally available from the big name stores and are not the big name brands.

And be aware of the problem. Awareness, of it’s own, may well help protect you from some of the risks.

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