There are eye anti aging creams that work effectively, if you know where to find them.

One of the most visible aspect of aging is ageing of the eyes. As we grow older our skin shows our age and for so many women the eyes are the place where this is seen first. Let’s discuss why eye wrinkles, bags under the eyes and puffiness occur and how to combat them using a high quality eye anti aging cream.

Eye wrinkles, bags and puffiness under the eyes are caused by a range of different factors. Puffy eyes are caused by poor fluid drainage which causes a build up of fluid under the eyes. Loss of elasticity of the skin also contributes to puffiness under the eyes. Fluid can build up under the skin around the eyes from these factors and this starts to cause bags or puffiness which is unsightly, as well as dark circles under the eyes.

And just like many other symptoms of skin aging wrinkles around the eyes and puffiness can be exacerbated by lifestyle factors such as smoking and drinking too much alcohol. Too much exposure to UV in sunlight is also a factor.

Some of these factors are common to just about all signs of skin aging. For example the loss of skin elasticity causes many of the symptoms and signs of skin ageing that we see all over our face. As our skin ages it slowly loses its ability to produce collagen and elastin, 2 essential skin proteins which help maintain skin thickness, skin health and skin particular skin elasticity.

So for any eye anti aging cream to be effective at combating wrinkles and eye puffiness it needs to target a range of problems. There are many anti wrinkle eye creams available however many are relatively ineffective.
Eye Anti Aging Creams

However there are some ingredients which can be used in eye wrinkle creams which are known to be highly effective at reducing the signs of skin ageing around the eyes and reduce puffiness and bags under the eyes. The best eye anti aging creams utilize these ingredients however it is rare to find a wrinkle eye cream that does use these ingredients because they are extremely effective.

Lets examine some of the ingredients you should find in the best anti aging eye cream, and see why they are effective.

1. Eyeliss. Eyeliss is probably the most effective ingredient that can be found in any eye anti aging cream. It has been known to some time that Eyeliss works extremely successfully at combating eye wrinkles and bags and puffiness under the eyes and the quite some time it has been quietly used by some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

However Eyeliss is very expensive.

It works to help puffiness and bags under the eyes by improving fluid drainage while increasing skin elasticity, as well is reducing the fragility of ageing capillaries in the skin, one of the factors in fluid buildup.

Studies have shown that Eyeliss can have noticeable effects within a month. A study of 20 people with chronic under eye bags showed noticeable improvements within 28 days for 65 percent of these people and over 70 percent show improvements within 2 months.

An award-winning anti aging chemist called Sam Dhatt, considered by some to be the leading skin care scientists in the world has said that Eyeliss should be found in all anti aging eye products.

Recently the claims made for Eyeliss were investigated by the Electronic Retailing Self Regulating Program which found the claims to be fully justified.

2. Using Eyeliss on its own may be effective however the very best eye anti aging cream available combines Eyeliss with a range of other ingredients to enhance it’s effectiveness against eye wrinkles and underwrite bags and puffiness. The second of these ingredients is called Haloxyl.

Haloxyl has also been shown to reduce eye puffiness and dark circles under the eyes by increasing blood circulation. When used in conjunction with Eyeliss, or when using a product that combines Eyeliss with Haloxyl, the effects at combating under eye wrinkles and underwrite bags and circles are enhanced.

3. The best eye anti aging cream, however, does not just combine Eyeliss and Haloxyl. Whilst using both these ingredients it also adds other ingredients which further enhance the ability of the product to combat the signs of skin ageing under the eyes. Ingredients such as Cynergy TK, some natural skin oils such as Babassu Oil as well as Active Manuka Honey which has unique skin healing properties.

The causes of skin ageing are well known, and this includes the causes of eye wrinkles as well as the causes of bags and puffiness under the eyes and dark circles under the eyes. Eyeliss has been available for some time however has been relatively unknown and has also been very expensive. However one company has now combined Eyeliss with a range of other ingredients to produce what we consider to be the finest eye anti aging cream available today.

The Eye Contour Gel produced by Xtend Life is probably the finest wrinkle eye cream available. It is not advertised and for this reason, because the cost of television advertising does not need to be factored into the price of the product, it is competitively priced with other less effective eye creams. And this is combined with the fact that Xtend Life offer a full 90 day money back guarantee on all their skin care products.

So if you’re looking for an anti ageing eye cream the first thing you should do is to try the Eye Contour Gel from Xtend Life.

Eye wrinkles are one of the most visible signs of skin ageing and often one of the first signs of a reduction in skin health. Whilst you should be using the best eye anti wrinkle cream it is also important that you consider the health of your skin over your entire face, and in fact body.

Don’t just concentrate an anti wrinkle eye creams and forget about the rest of your face. All of your skin is ageing and all of it needs some tender loving care.

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