Petrolatum is Vaseline, and is found in hundreds of antiaging moisturizers and antiaging creams.

In keeping with our philosophy of telling our readers about dangerous ingredients in antiaging products we want to talk about Petrolatum today.

Petrolatum is found in a wide range of antiaging treatments such as antiaging creams and moisturizers. If you search the Cosmetic Safety Database you’ll find it identified in 472 moisturizers, 124 antiaging products and 193 other facial moisturizer treatments. Lets examine exactly what petrolatum is and why you should avoid anti aging products that contain petrolatum.

Petrolatum is Vaseline. It can be defined as a colloidal system of semisolid hydrocarbons obtained from petroleum. In other words it is a petroleum product. It can go by a range of names including hydrophilic petrolatum, white petrolatum, parraffin wax, parraffin jelly and petroleum jelly.

Petrolatum, or petroleum jelly, was first described when found on oil rigs. Workers found this thick gelatinous substance on the rigs and first reported that it was good for healing burns, which it isn’t.

It is included in skin care products such as antiaging creams and antiaging moisturizers because of its alleged moisturizing properties. The ability of petrolatum or white petroleum to moisturize though, is extremely limited. The major advantage of white petroleum in skin care products is that it is extremely cheap. That’s an advantage to the companies that make the products, not to¬† you.
Petrolatum in Antiaging Products

You can tell that petrolatum doesn’t moisturize because it doesn’t penetrate the skin. To moisturize successfully any ingredient in antiaging products needs to penetrate the skin, if it doesn’t it cannot add moisture.

Rather what it does is to coat the skin with an oily film which may help protect against some moisture loss.

Petrolatum is extremely common in all sorts of personal and beauty products that just about all of us use every day. In fact the environmental working group that does studies on the safety of many products estimates that somewhere around one out of every 14 personal products includes petrolatum.

If you search petrolatum at the Cosmetic Safety Database will find that it is listed as a low to moderate hazard being linked to cancer, contamination, non reproductive organ toxicity and more.

One of the serious worries about petrolatum in anti aging products is the problem of contamination. Concerns about petrolatum are that it can become contaminated in the manufacturing process with substances called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. (PAHs). PAHs are given a score of 10 out of 10 as a high hazard by the Cosmetic Safety Database and have been linked to a wide range of health concerns including cancer, immunotoxicity, reproductive and developmental toxicity, bioaccumulation, endocrine disruption and much more.

So whilst petrolatum itself is listed as a hazard but not a high hazard, PAHs are certainly more worrying.

Anti aging and skin care companies are not required to demonstrate to the FDA that the ingredients used in their product lines are safe and in most cases these companies do not even test to detect the existence of contaminants in their products such as PAHs.

(But not all skin care companies use petrolatum in their products!!)

In the US it seems that the laws regarding the safety of ingredients used in cosmetics, skin care and anti aging products are quite lax. In the European Union there are numerous grades of petrolatum which are listed as dangerous substances and it is only a limited range of white petroleum products that can be used in products in Europe.

Most consumers would be completely unaware that there was Vaseline in their anti aging products and that they were applying Vaseline to their face every day.

It seems incredible that antiaging products and cosmetics can contain ingredients with so many suspicions. Whether or not the risk to our health is real the truth is that there are many natural and safe alternatives but they are more expensive than ingredients such as Vaseline.

It all comes down to cost as well as the fact that so many of our personal products can be sold with ingredients in them that are suspect to our health and the FDA is not even required to test these products to establish their safety, or even that they work. Here in the US the anti aging and skin care industry know this very well and are prepared to put ingredients in their products with possible health outcomes because they can, and because they are cheap.

There is nothing stopping the big name anti-aging companies from using effective and safe natural ingredients, however these ingredients are more expensive and if they raised the price of their products, thereby reducing sales, they would suffer a reduction in profits.

However this offers an opportunity to some small companies to venture into the market and gain a toehold in an extremely competitive market by manufacturing products using high quality ingredients that are safe and effective. However the reality is that if these companies who spend much more on product quality then the big companies were to compete with the big companies on marketing budget and in particular on television advertising they would have to price their products so high that virtually no one would buy them.

So they compete differently. They don’t advertise because their money goes into product quality rather than advertising. They rely on slow organic growth of a loyal customer base which over time will grow the business to the point where word-of-mouth will start to increase sales dramatically. Happy customers keep buying the products and tell their friends, but it’s a slow path compared to saturation television advertising.

One of these in particular make what we consider to be the worlds best antiaging products, and very few people have ever heard of them because they don’t advertise.

The best anti aging products, which are far more effective than the big brand names, do not contain any chemical ingredients such as petrolatum. Rather they contain natural ingredients like oils from plants and fruits and seaweed. These are all much more expensive but are safe and highly effective at producing optimum skin health.

Hopefully, if you read our website regularly, you’ll start to learn more about the ingredients to avoid in your skin care products such as antiaging moisturizers and anti aging creams and the ingredients that are safe and effective, such as Cynergy TK, that are found only in the best anti aging products you can buy.

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