Because not all skin care products are safe to use

Here at we seek to inform you about the possible dangers to both your health and to your skin about so many skin care products and anti aging products, cosmetics and other personal products.

Here’s a short video that tells you about one resource that we use all the time to research products and ingredients in products for health and safety concerns. It’s not perfect because a lot of the ingredients used in these products have never been tested or studied to see if they are safe, or unsafe, to use on people. But it’s as good a resource as there is to do some undercover research

We hope you enjoy the video. There are excellent and quite safe natural anti aging skin products available. You don’t need to be using risky products that my cause health or skin problems.

Here’s the video, we hope it provides you with some good resources. To visit the Cosmetics Database mentioned in the video click here.

(NOTE: Tips on playing the video. To see full screen click the box on the bottom right of the screen, use escape to go back to a small screen. Full screen is recommended.)

Now head on over there and get researching anything at all that you might be worried about or just wanted to find out a little more about. Happy hunting.

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