If you’ve had an allergic reaction to anti aging products you are justified in looking for hypoallergenic skin care products, but how?

If you’re looking for hypoallergenic skin care products and anti aging products and non comedogenic skin care and anti aging products then you need to know a little about the traps that befall those who are searching for an allergy and acne free solution.

Many people search for products such as hypoallergenic moisturizers, hypoallergenic fragrances and other hypoallergenic creams as well as non-comedogenic moisturizers not quite understanding that what they want may not be what they get.

First of all lets look at some definitions. Lets begin with a hypoallergenic definition. If you look at dictionaries you will find hypoallergenic defined as something like this – “designed to reduce or minimize the possibility of an allergic response, as by containing relatively few or no potentially irritating substances”.

In other words someone searching for a hypoallergenic skin care product is searching for a product that will not create an allergic reaction, (a common problem with mainstream anti aging products).

This is usually because these people have already had an allergic reaction to anti aging skin care products in the past. This is relatively common and is one of the reasons for this website. We seek to expose the range of chemical and petrochemical ingredients in modern anti aging products, to direct you to safer and more effective alternatives, and to explain why so many people have such things as allergic reactions to anti ageing skin products that shouldn’t produce allergic reactions.

Now let’s have a look at a definition of non comedogenic. This can be defined as “not tending to clog pores”. Again one of the reasons why people search for non comedogenic is because so many skin care and anti aging products contain petrochemical ingredients such as mineral oil which clogs the pores and can lead to acne.
Hypoallergenic Skin Care

Now let’s look at some of the traps for people looking for hypoallergenic skin care products and non comedogenic skin care products and anti aging products.

Hypoallergenic Skin Care Products.

For anyone with sensitive skin who may have had an allergic reaction to mainstream anti aging products the idea of products such as hypoallergenic moisturizers and hypoallergenic lotions is an attractive one. However it is unlikely that products which claim to be hypoallergenic are accurately labelled. There is no medical definition of hypoallergenic and the FDA tells us that “there are no federal standards or definitions that govern the use of the term ‘hypoallergenic’.

In other words if a manufacturer wants to use the term “hypoallergenic skin care products” it can do so and this claim is not tested anywhere and there is no requirement that they prove that the products are hypoallergenic or not.

There are many hypoallergenic moisturizers and many other hypoallergenic skin care products available which contain chemical ingredients which can produce allergies and a range of other health problems. But because the use of the term hypoallergenic is not policed these claims can continue to be made on the labels despite the fact that they may be patently incorrect.

(Though there are also some excellent natural skin care products that do not produce allergies or health problems as well)

Non Comedogenic Skin Care Products

And exactly the same applies to the term non-comedogenic. There is no official definition of what this means and there is no list of any ingredients which are considered to be non comedogenic. Any company can claim that its products are non comedogenic and no one knows whether this is accurate or not.

This is a little scary for consumers who quite reasonably expect that anti aging products should be correctly labeled, and shouldn’t contain ingredients that can clog pores or cause allergies if the label says they don’t. However this is not the case.

Therefore the obvious question is that if you are worried about an allergic reaction to anti aging products, particularly because you have already had such a reaction in the past, or do you do? And similarly if you’re worried about acne and have had anti aging products exacerbate your acne what do you do about that?

Obviously you can’t trust the labels. Any company can put anything they like on the label and you have no idea whether it is accurately labeled or not.

What you need to do is to find a company that manufactures top quality anti aging skin products that demonstrates its commitment to the quality of the product, including its commitment to using only known safe ingredients that do not produce allergic reactions or clog pores. You need to find a company with as powerful a commitment to product safety as well as to product quality.

This isn’t easy. However we are here to suggest to you that there ARE companies like this around that make excellent, high quality and safe anti aging products and they demonstrate their commitment to the safety and efficacy of their products in a way that should be comforting.
Non Comedogenic Skin Care

Our favorite amongst these companies is Xtend Life. They have a powerful commitment to using only natural, known safe ingredients and have an equally powerful commitment to making only highly effective anti aging products.

They do not label any of their products as hypoallergenic skin care products or as non comedogenic skin care products. However the products that they produce, which they call natural skin care products, are both hypoallergenic and non comedogenic.

How do we know this? There’s a range of reasons. First of all they have signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics which publicly evidences their intention to produce safe anti aging products. This is a compact which can be found on the website of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, an organization dedicated to exposing the problems of the anti aging skin care industry, including chemical ingredients. Skin care manufacturers can sign this compact committing themselves to using only known safe ingredients in their ti aging products. Xtend Life have signeand the compact unlike any of the major brands.

Secondly is their stated belief that the safety of their products should come before any other consideration. When briefing the formulation of their natural skin care range they demanded of their formulation team that they use only ingredients that were “safe enough to eat”. This is evidenced on their website.

Thirdly they commit to only using ingredients over which they have total control. They do not buy products or ingredients from wholesalers but manufacture everything themselves in their own manufacturing plant to ensure total control over product quality.

Fourth is their skin care philosophy. Rather than quote it in full we shall direct you to the page of their website where you may read it for yourself.

So if you’ve had a nasty reaction to the chemicals and petrochemical ingredients used in so many big name anti aging skin care products there is good reason for you to be looking for hypoallergenic skin care and anti aging products. You just don’t know what to believe when you read the labels.

The good news is that there are excellent hypoallergenic (and non-comodogenic) skin care products available. They aren’t available from the big name brands but they are available.