(And the best olive oil moisturizer isn’t even a moisturizer)

Olive oil moisturizers aren’t all that common, because many of the major skin care brands use cheaper oils for their moisturizing properties. One of the cheap oils that is commonly used in many anti aging skin products is mineral oil. Mineral oil is a petrochemical product made from crude oil, and is commonly used in anti aging skin products because it is extremely cheap. Olive oil is much more expensive. Lets look at what and olive oil moisturizer is and why you should be using olive oil rather than mineral oil to moisturize your skin.

The moisturizing properties of olive oil have been known for centuries. Whilst very good for the health when eaten olive oil is also extremely good for your skin. It is very high in minerals, anti oxidants and vitamins and in particular in vitamin E as well as vitamin A.

Using olive oil on the skin helps protect the skin from the operation of free radicals which damage the cells in the skin. Olive oil helps regulate the skin’s natural oils and also helps protect the skin from external ravages such as pollution. As a moisturizer it is very effective in helping produce soft supple skin.olive oil moisturizers

It is also of particular benefit from people who suffer from particularly dry skin or some conditions such as rashes, psoriasis or eczema.

As already mentioned you’re more likely to find mineral oil in your anti aging products than you are to find olive oil however. The reason is simple, mineral oil is cheap and olive oil is expensive. Most companies that produce skin care products prefer to direct as much money as possible towards marketing and advertising, particularly on television and in magazines, and to keep the price of the product competitive by using cheaper ingredients.

Mineral oil has no direct moisturizing properties of it’s own. The intention is that it will help keep your skin better hydrated by forming a thin layer of oil over the skin thereby helping prevent moisture loss. It does this, however it also clogs pores which can lead to acne, and there are suggestions that mineral oil is also not good your health. It produces an oily feel to the skin.

If you prefer skin care products with olive oil rather than mineral oil then you’ll find to get a much better result. But you’re less likely to find olive oil in most of the big name brands on the shelves of your supermarket.

Olive oil moisturizers do exist, however the skin care products which we consider to be the best anti aging skin products on the market, whilst using olive oil in their products, do not actually produce a moisturizer.

There is a simple reason for this. All their products moisturize successfully and there is no need to produce a dedicated moisturizer. Using their regular skin care products moisturiszs very well.

This is achieved not just by adding olive oil to the products but also a range of other natural moisturizers such as Shea butter, Grapeseed oil and others such as Babassu, Maracuja and more. Babassu is a natural waxy substance extracted from the fruit of the Babassu tree found in Brazil. It moisturizes the skin without producing any oily residue and is effective on dry and itchy skin in particular.

Maracuja is an extract of passionfruit and is high in fatty acids helping to nourish your skin and make it feels softer.

It’s not necessary to buy a dedicated moisturizer because all of their excellent skin care productscontain these ingredients, and so work very effectively at moisturizing.

So if you’ve been looking for an olive oil moisturizer the good news is that olive oil does moisturize very effectively, and that there are excellent natural skin care products available which use olive oil as well as many other natural ingredients to produce a high quality moisturizing effect.

Not only that but these products are backed up with a full 100 percent money back guarantee, and that is extremely rare for any skin care products.

Extremely rare.

Therefore if you understand the benefits of using natural ingredients such as olive oil for your skin care it is well worth giving the skin care products of Xtend Life a try, fully guaranteed, to see how effectively they can work for you.

So you need a facial moisturizer. Natural moisturizing is always the best, (because many moisturizers are dangerous).

If you’re looking for a good facial moisturizer natural is always best. We’d like to look at why a natural facial moisturizer is always better than many of the mainstream beauty products and facial moisturizers commonly available. And to look at one specific example.

You may understand the benefits of daily facial moisturizing. Your skin produces natural oils, and these oils are very important in maintaining the ongoing health of your skin. Many natural factors such as wind and sun combine to strip out some of these natural oils and the result is that your skin naturally loses some of its protection.

A healthy complexion requires a certain level of natural oil, which is called sebum. Sebum helps keep your skin hydrated by limiting the loss of natural skin fluids. It also helps retain skin fluids which are often rich in organic nutrients. If your skin is lacking in natural oils these can be replaced with a good moisturizer.facial moisturizer natural

Unfortunately however many consumers are not aware that many mainstream beauty, skin care and anti aging products contain ingredients which are actually harmful to your skin and even to your health. Gradually consumers are becoming more aware of this fact due to the activities of such organizations as Teens Turning Green and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. Both of these highlight the fact that many modern beauty products contain ingredients that are less than beneficial to your skin and health.

Lets have a look at a specific example. The Jergens Natural Glow Daily Face Moisturizer. From the name it sounds wonderful. It sounds like it should be natural, and produce a glowing complexion. Daily facial moisturizers such as this should be great for your skin.

However if you search at the Cosmetic Safety Database you’ll see a range of the Jergens Natural Glow products there with a hazard score, in almost all cases, of 7. The Cosmetic Safety Database ranks the likely hazard of a wide range of personal and beauty products on a score of 0 to 10, with 0 being safe and 10 being high hazard. A score of 7 is a “high hazard”.

Lets look little deeper. Lets consider the Jergens Natural Glow Daily Face Moisturizer for Fair Skin Tones. If you examine the risks highlighted by the Cosmetic Safety Database you will see that it is linked to – Developmental/reproductive toxicity, Allergies/immunotoxicity,
Neurotoxicity, Endocrine disruption, Persistence and bioaccumulation, Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive), additive exposure sources, Irritation (skin, eyes, or lungs), Enhanced skin absorption, Contamination concerns, Occupational hazards, Biochemical or cellular level changes.

This wide range of health concerns from this particular facial moisturizer is worrying. The reason is the ingredients used in the product. You’ll see the ingredients listed there on the same page.

Perhaps now you’re beginning to see why we are suggesting that if you use a good facial moisturizer natural is best.facial moisturizer natural

Unfortunately the personal and beauty products industry in the US is largely unregulated. Most of the products that it produces utilize chemical ingredients that are not tested for safety, and the FDA is not required to test any particular product to satisfy itself that that the product is safe for the customer.

There are many chemical ingredients which are banned in Europe which are used in products freely available in the US.

However there are companies which manufacture high quality skin care and anti aging products with a demonstrated commitment to making products such as facial moisturizers that use only natural ingredients that are known to be safe and are also highly effective.

These are generally smaller niche companies which recognize the growing consumer trend towards more natural and safer skin care and anti aging products, and which make use of readily available natural ingredients and natural oils such as jojoba oil, olive oil and Shea butter, all of which are safe and very effective at moisturizing your facial skin.

If you’re looking to prevent premature aging with a high quality daily facial moisturizer the first thing to consider is whether the product you are using poses health risks. Many do. The Jergens Natural Glow health complexion range is only one example out of many.

In fact the company which makes what we consider to be the very finest quality natural skin care products available do not even make a moisturizer. The reason is that the natural oils we have already mentioned, which moisturize so successfully, are found in all their products, and so there is no need for them to make moisturizers at all, because all their products moisturize effectively as moisturizing is a huge part of great skin care.

And if you visit their site you can even read customer reviews from people who are already using the products. And they offer a full money back guarantee on their products, which is very rare.

So remember, if you are looking for a good moisturizer, natural is best. So many mainstream products, whilst sounding wonderful, are not so great for your skin, or your health. Be careful.

And remember too, a healthy lifestyle can be one of the best things to do for your skin.

Jojoba oil moisturizers are better for your skin, moisturize well and don’t risk your skin health.

Jojoba oil is a natural oil used in the best jojoba moisturizers. There are a number of uses of jojoba oil, including in skin care products, and we are going to answer some readers questions about using jojoba oil as a moisturizer.

If you’ve read this website before you will know that we attempt to highlight the use of unnatural chemicals and irritating substances such as petrochemicals in so many of the mainstream skin care products, health products and cosmetics that are so commonly in use today.

And we also seek to tell you about natural alternatives that work as effectively, and often more effectively, then their chemical alternatives. Jojoba oil moisturizers are a fine example of high quality natural anti aging products that use safe natural ingredients.

So let’s see why the oil from the seed of the jojoba plant is good for your skin and is safe when used as an ingredient in skin care products.

Unfortunately, as we have highlighted before, many anti ageing products use petrochemical ingredients to moisturize. We have written recently about the risks of petrolatum (a petrochemical oil) used in many skin care products, and have also explained that petrolatum does nothing to moisturize your skin other than to coat it in oil.Jojoba Moisturizers

And there are other examples of petrochemical and chemical ingredients used in skin care products, including moisturisers, that do not actively moisturize and which may put your skin and your health at risk. These ingredients are used because they are extremely cheap.

There are many excellent natural ingredients which can be used in top shelf natural skin care products which are known for their excellent moisturizing properties, which are entirely safe to use on your skin and many of which have been used as a food for centuries. Olive oil is a good example.

Jojoba oil is another example of a natural oil which is safe to use on your skin and has excellent moisturising properties.

The oil is chemically extremely similar to the oil produced in human skin, called sebum, which is produced in the sebaceous glands. In fact technically the oil is more a liquid wax then an oil. It has been shown to be beneficial in treating acne, also has healing properties against other skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema and also has excellent skin moisturizing properties.

Unlike many of the chemical and petrochemical ingredients used in regular moisturizers it is able to penetrate the skin very effectively and it’s use does not result in a film of oil being left on the surface of the skin and face. (Though there are excellent moisturizers around).

It does not create skin irritation or allergies because it’s chemical make up is so similar to the makeup of sebum. It actually helps balance the skin’s production of sebum which means that it is perfect for those with oily skin, helping reduce the production of oil.

It helps reduce wrinkles and stretchmarks.
Jojoba Moisturizers

And also unlike many regular moisturizers it does not block the pores, which is also good news for acne sufferers. In fact it helps clean the pores.

Because it has such beneficial effects it is used in a range of products including soaps and hair conditioners as well as lip balms. A few drops of jojoba oil very effectively helps remove eye makeup.

So why would you use regular moisturizers when jojoba oil does the job better? That’s a good question, however so many women still choose to use mainstream moisturisers containing the chemical and petrochemical ingredients.

If jojoba oil is so good at moisturizing then why not just use it on its own each day? Well of course you can however is always better to use skin care products which contain jojoba oil as an ingredient but also contain a range of other natural oils including olive oil and Shea butter, all of which have their own slightly different moisturizing properties.

Combine a range of such ingredients into high quality natural skin care products and you have the recipe for an outstandingly effective (and safe) range of skin care products. Jojoba oil moisturizers which combine a range of such natural ingredients are very effective.

The best jojoba moisturiser is not a moisturiser. That is because the company that makes what we consider to be the best natural skin care products available offer a range of products all of which moisturize very effectively and which use many such natural ingredients together. Because all the products moisturize effectively there is no need for a dedicated moisturiser.

And they are so confident of the quality of their products that they even offer a money back guarantee, which is something extremely rare in the skin care industry.

So if you’re beginning to learn about the benefits of natural oils to your skin, and the risks of the chemical and petrochemical ingredients used in the big brand names then you may prefer to try a jojoba moisturizer from a company which makes the best in care products in the world.

We know you won’t be disappointed. And remember, pay attention to general lifestyle factors, this also benefits your skin and your health generally.

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