Are there any safe, and effective, skin care products?

We have often been asked by our readers which products we recommend as being the best safe and effective skin care products available. In our view the natural skin care products from Xtend Life, a small New Zealand company, are the safest and best skin care products on the market, and this is where we explain why.

If you’ve read our website you’ll realise that there are risks to your health inherent in the use of many mainstream personal products. This isn’t just our view, it is the view of many experts. If you’ve not watched the video from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics then we suggest you watch it now, you can access it here.

There is a growing realisation amongst consumers and experts that we should not take the safety of our personal products for granted. There is also a realisation that in many cases our health and safety will not be protected by government or arms of government such as the FDA.

In particular it is clear that our government will not take steps to regulate this industry to require companies to use only recognised safe ingredients, and that in the absence of such regulation the major manufacturers of these products are not concerned for our health, but just for their profits.

Whilst for some this may be a shock for many it’s not. Clearly many major corporations are more concerned with making profit than they are with your health. The finest example of this is the cigarette companies, who manufacture a product that they know will kill you in most cases, however they continue to manufacture the product, despite this knowledge, as it is not illegal to do so, and they make huge profits doing so.
Skin care products
However it is unfair to paint all companies with the same brush. There are many fine examples of high quality corporate citizens who put the interests of their customers in front of or alongside their own interests. In our view the fine New Zealand company called Xtend Life is one such company.

How did we form this view? We formed this view over time from a number of different sources. One of these is from the Xtend Life website itself, and in particular from a reading of the page describing the company’s skin care philosophy. We encourage you to read that page.

One of the statements making the biggest impact and describing the company’s commitment to the quality of its products is this one: “We instructed our research and development team to find the most effective ingredients, whatever the cost.” Because it is expensive to produce a quality product, and many of the big name players take shortcuts with the quality or quantity of ingredients to cut down the cost.

However merely producing a quality product, in other words a product that works well, is not adequate in our view. Given the history of the industry in producing products which may be harmful, it is equally important that along with product quality goes product safety. In the personal products industry product safety is absolutely crucial, as you may have gathered from reading our site.

However it is equally clear from reading the same page that Xtend Life has as much of a commitment to product safety as to product quality. Just take this statement as an example: “Every time you apply a product to your skin, some of the active ingredients ultimately make their way into your blood stream. So you are effectively eating them. That’s why we insist every ingredient in our products is pure enough that you could safely eat it!”

Nothing could say it better.

However making statements such as these on a webpage is one thing, actually living up to them is another. You can tell your customers the products are safe and effective, but are they really?

The second reason we have found the company’s commitment to product quality and safety to be real is their commitment to providing the customer with a 100 percent no questions asked 12 month money back guarantee. We know that customers have, in the past, claimed on the guarantee, for a wide range of reasons including that they have just changed their minds from the purchase. And we also know that in all cases the company has honoured its guarantee and refunded the customer’s money.

That is putting your money where your mouth is. Just have a look at the website of any one of the major players in the cosmetics or skin care industry. You know the ones, you see their ads on TV all the time. Search carefully through the website to find a 100 percent no questions asked money back guarantee. We think you’ll find it difficult to track one down. Try asking one of these companies, 6 months after buying the product, if you can send it back for a full refund, opened and used. Good luck, and be prepared to be laughed at.

Xtend Life know that their products work, and are happy to offer the refund so that customers can try the products themselves without any risk.Natural Skin care products

The third reason that we recommend the natural skin care products from Xtend Life is that we have had personal dealings with many members of the company itself as well as the chairman Warren Matthews. We have found him to be a man of character and true to his word. We have formed the view that what he says, he does. In our view he really does have a personal commitment to producing the highest quality products that are comprised only of known safe and effective ingredients. We use the products ourselves.

At the end of the day however the only way that you can actually prove this to yourself is to try the products. That’s where the 100 percent money back guarantee comes in. Whilst you may be a little sceptical about many of the claims made for many of the big brand-name skin care products, you can safely try the natural skin care products of Xtend Life knowing that they really do back up their products with a full guarantee. And we can tell you that the guarantee is real, and not commonly claimed.

However there is one other problem in the industry. Because of the proliferation of advertising offering unrealistic results there is an expectation amongst some women that many skin care products are almost as good as cosmetic surgery. Whilst this is not intended in any way to plug the benefits of cosmetic surgery, (we would never even consider it) there is no doubt that cosmetic surgery can produce a very quick result. (But over the long term, that is an entirely different matter).

If you believe the advertising for many skin care products then you’ll believe that you’ll get a quick and stunning result from using them. However the reality is a little different, and therefore customers should understand that getting a good result from the highest quality skin care products takes time, and certainly won’t make you look 40 years younger.

It’s unrealistic for a 60 year old woman to try and look like a 20-year-old, regardless of what the advertising says. You should understand that a good result from your skin care products is an improvement in your skin health and looks, but it is not turning you back into a 20-year-old.

So we urge you, whatever skin care products you choose, to have realistic expectations and be prepared to spend some time using the products before expecting a visible result.

That’s why we always recommend the natural skin care products from Xtend Life. We believe there are no better, or safer, on the market.

Excessively dry skin can be a serious, but not insurmountable, problem.

Do you suffer from excessively dry skin? If so you’re not alone. Dry skin is a problem that is affecting millions of women, and one of the most irritating skin problems.

Xerosis is the technical name for excessive skin dryness. Xerosis can become evident on different areas of the body, commonly on the scalp, the thighs and the abdomen and the arms and legs. Whilst not commonly encountered on the face it is also possible there as well.

Excessively dry skin can be both unsightly and irritating, and can lead to peeling of the skin, flaking, itching, redness and even cracks which open up in the skin. It can even lead to illness because cracks in the skin can allow for the entry of various nasties like infection.

The skin can feel “tight” as well as dehydrated.

Skin produces it’s own oils. The oils produced by the skin are called sebum, and these are produced in the sebaceous glands. Well moisturized skin is skin with an adequate supply of natural oils.

If your sebaceous glands do not produce sufficient oil the skin can become dehydrated, leading to dryness. This can also be exacerbated by various other contributing factors such as specific skin conditions including dermatitis and psoriasis as well as environmental conditions such as overexposure to the sun or the wind. Internal environmental conditions such as excessive heating or air-conditioning can contribute.sexcessively dry skin

And specific medical conditions such as diabetes can also be a risk factor.

It is also quite possible to suffer excessively dry skin as a result of the use of various skin care products and cosmetics which contain chemical and petrochemical ingredients ingredients which of themselves can irritate the skin and lead to excessive dryness.

Poor diet can also contribute.

There are some simple things that you can do to help address problems of excessively dry skin, though if the problem is serious you should always consult your doctor first.

Several easy things to do which may help are to avoid excessively hot showers which can strip some of the oils from skin and to avoid harsh soaps which can do the same. There are some wonderful soaps available made from all natural ingredients which may, of themselves, offer some relief.

And if you live somewhere hot and rely on air-conditioning a lot of the time then make sure there is a humidifier in the room to keep humidity higher.

It’s quite possible to get excellent skin care products which help care for dry skin. However you have to be careful when buying skin care products because these can be the source of the problem rather than the solution.

In fact, contrary to what you might expect, many skin care products contain chemical and petrochemical ingredients which can actually cause skin problems rather than resolve them.

Some common ingredients found in many skin care products, and others, are known to irritate the skin, and to put users at risk of various other health problems. Sodium laurel sulfate is an example of one such ingredient which is found in some skin care products as well as other personal products such as shampoos and conditioners. Studies on sodium laurel sulfate have shown skin irritation in laboratory animals with very low doses of sodium laurel sulfate.

If you suffer from excessively dry skin you need to be extremely careful when choosing your skin care products. In our view high quality natural skin care products that do not use chemical and petrochemical ingredients such as sodium laurel sulfate are well worth investigating.

It has been known for many years that there are excellent natural substances that are very effective at promoting skin hydration, and which are entirely safe to use on the skin. Avocado oil, macadamia nut oil and Shea butter are 3 examples of such natural ingredients however there are many more.

Of course these ingredients can be used by any skin care product manufacturer in their products, however the reality is the majority choose not to, not because they are ineffective, in fact they are highly effective, but they are much more expensive than the chemical alternatives.

Fortunately some small niche skin care companies, one in particular, are prepared to manufacture high quality natural skin care products utilising such ingredients in their products, and the results are some extremely high quality in care products which can be extremely useful in combating dry skin problems. The Age Defense Body Lotion from Xtend Life is probably one of the best things you can do to tackle your problem of excessive skin dryness.

Ultimately the goal of any skin care product is to enhance skin moisture levels, to increase the stores of collagen and elastin in the skin and to increase overall skin health. Do this and any skin type, including excessively dry skin, will respond positively.

The natural skin care products of Xtend Life are not targeted at any particular skin type, because all skin types response positively to quality ingredients. For this reason their products are equally effective on the whole spectrum of different skin types.

So there’s 3 simple steps to take if you have excessive dry skin. Firstly visit your doctor for dermatologist to see if the problem is serious, secondly make some simple lifestyle changes and thirdly use high quality natural skin care products targeted at improving skin health.

You may well find that your problems with dry skin dry up.

In fact Xtend Life are so proud of their products that they are even prepared to offer customers a full six-month money back guarantee to ensure that any prospective customers can try the products risk free and find out how good they really are. If you have dry skin we suggest you take them up on the offer of trying the products risk free to see how well they work for you.

Why would anti aging skin products be dangerous?

“Over the last 100 years, the rate of cancer in the U.S. has sky-rocketed from 1 out of 800 people diagnosed, to 1 out of 3 today. Are you Wondering WHY?”

Do you know who said that? Ralph Nader said it and you’ll find it quoted the forward the book “The Safe Shopper’s Bible”.

Here’s another quote from the book: “Not a single cosmetic company warns consumers of the presence of carcinogens in its products – despite the fact that several common cosmetic ingredients or their contaminants are carcinogenic themselves or are carcinogenic precursors.”

The sad fact is that cosmetics, as well as a wide range range of personal, beauty, skin care, bath and anti aging skin products contain ingredients that may both be damaging to your health and damaging to your skin as well.

This has been the case for a long time. Unfortunately the FDA is not required to satisfy itself that any of these types of products, including for our purposes anti aging skin products, are either safe for the public to use or for that matter that they work as advertised. The result of this is that there is a wide range of ingredients found in many anti aging skin products, cosmetics and much more that so many people in our country, including you, may well have used on their skin today.

It’s not just a small range of obscure products. Many of the names that are household names in the anti aging skincare industry are suspect. You know the ones. The big expensive ads on television with a highly paid movie star who probably has never used the products. Those are the ones that you will probably find contain ingredients that, if you knew exactly what they were, you wouldn’t want to put on your skin.
Anti Aging Skin Products

Even those advertised as the best anti aging skin products in the world can be just as suspect. (Though not all of them!!)

Here’s a couple of the ingredients that you may find in anti ageing skin care products on the shelves of your local store. Many of them are petrochemical products, meaning that they are a byproduct of the distillation of crude oil. In other words many of these products come from oil. And you have to ask whether you really want to put them on your skin. But you shouldn’t find any of these in top quality anti aging skin products.

1. Mineral Oil.

Mineral oil is a petrochemical product and is found very commonly in our personal, beauty and skin care products. Baby oil is pure mineral oil, often with a fragrance added (and many fragrances can also be suspect too). If you’re in doubt just look on the label of the next bottle of baby oil that you see.

Mineral oil is found in many anti aging skincare products. It is intended to be used as a moisturizer however mineral oil does not have moisturizing properties. What it does is to cover the skin in a thin film of oil and the intention is that this will stop moisture loss from the skin, and to some extent it does. However mineral oil does not actively moisturize your skin.

(The best anti aging skin products have no mineral oil)

Mineral oil is considered to be a carcinogen. You might be familiar with Material Safety Data Sheets. A Material Safety Data Sheet lists all important information regarding individual chemicals that should be known by any one who may come into contact with them. A Material Safety Data Sheet on mineral oil states that “mineral oils are suspected carcinogens of the skin and scrotum, larynx, lung and alimentary tracts” and “may cause eye, skin and respiratory tract irritation” and “pre-existing skin disorders may be aggravated by exposure”.

2. Propylene glycol.

This too is a petrochemical product and is intended to moisturize the skin whilst having no moisturising properties at all. A Material Safety Data Sheet on Propylene Glycol states that it “causes irritation – avoid contact with the eyes, skin and clothing” and “wash thoroughly after handling” and recommends the use of goggles and gloves when using this product.

That’s just two ingredients that you will commonly find in so many anti ageing skin care products. And you may not even know that they are there because they go by a range of different names, many of which you won’t know, and they usually on the label in the smallest font possible to make it as hard to read as possible.

It is our intention, over time, to alert you to a whole range of these types of ingredients that you will find in so many common and well-known skin care products. To list them all now would make for an extremely long read, so come back often to find out more.

The obvious question is why do these companies use these ingredients in their products? The answer has to do with cost. Many of these ingredients are extremely cheap to buy. You’d expect that companies would strive to make the very best anti aging products that it’s possible to make, however that seems rarely to be the case. Rather what they do is to seek to make the cheapest anti aging products it’s possible to make and to spend as many of their available dollars as possible on marketing rather than product quality.
Anti Ageing Skin Products

That’s why you see so many of those extremely expensive television ads. If they spend that much money on advertising and also used expensive ingredients in their products their products wouldn’t be cost competitive.

That’s the dirty truth of the anti aging skin care industry. The reality is that the products are made down to a cost rather than up to a quality and the result is that, because they can, they include a range of very suspect, cheap, ingredients.

The next obvious question is this. If you want the best anti aging skin products how do you find them? Are there any good anti aging products or are they all as bad as each other?

Whilst it seems that there are few ethics in business (and not just the skin care industry) that doesn’t mean that you should tar all skin care companies with the same brush. There are small companies which strive to make extremely high quality products and which succeed. There are excellent natural anti aging skin products available that work extremely well and which do not have any suspect ingredients.

However you should be aware that even products promoted as “natural” anti aging skin care products are not necessarily free of suspect ingredients. It’s a case of buyer beware and we hope we can help there.

In our research we have found one small niche anti aging skin company that makes excellent natural skin care products which do not contain harmful ingredients and which work well. This company is called Xtend Life.

Over time we shall talk more about the sorts of ingredients that you should be avoiding in your anti aging products, the sorts of ingredients you should actively look for and how to source the best natural anti aging skin products in the world. Whilst we can’t cover at all right now if you’re keen to get started than visit the website of Xtend Life and have a look at their products. You won’t be disappointed.

The skin care industry is alive with pitfalls. Educate yourself both here and elsewhere about the dangers and risks of so many common anti aging products.