And you’ll never guess the biggest Japanese skin care secret

It’s no secret that Japanese women have fantastic skin, right through into old age, and for that reason many women are searching online for Japanese skin care secrets.

What exactly is the secret of Japanese skin care? Well of course that’s extremely difficult to answer, because one woman will have a different skin care routine to another woman.

However there is some general rules that we can point you towards, and is also one specific Japanese skin care secret that we reveal here.

One of the big secrets of the great skin that so many Japanese women have is diet. The Japanese have a great diet. It’s extremely high in fish and other seafoods, and fish is high in the Omega 3 essential fatty acids, and a good intake of Omega3 fats is extremely good for your skin.

That’s why one of our strongest skin care recommendation is to take high quality Omega 3 supplements. It’s not something that is normally associated with skin care but Omega 3 fats are extremely important to skin health and to maintaining moisture, and more Omega 3 in your diet is not only good for your general health but also good for your complexion.

And of course the Japanese diet also contains a high proportion of vegetables, and home cooking. Or at least it did up until recently. And as we have observed on our website before a healthy body also sports a healthy complexion, and having a home cooked diet high in fruit and vegetables is also good for your skin.

But there is one specific Japanese skin care secret that we can pass on to you today. It’s seaweed.japanese skin care secrets

Yes seaweed, and not just any old seaweed but a sea kelp found commonly around the coast of Japan. It is called Phytessence Wakame and it is a huge part of the Japanese diet. If you’ve been to a Japanese restaurant you’ve probably eaten it.

Phytessence Wakame has been a big part of the Japanese diet for generations.

Science is now beginning to understand that the Japanese diet rich in Phytessence Wakame is a big part of the reason why Japanese women have such great complexions. Phytessence Wakame is packed with all sorts of wonderful substances which are so good for your skin.

It’s loaded with a whole range of vitamins and minerals and anti oxidants, all of which are good to your skin, but there’s one thing in particular that makes Phytessence Wakame so important for Japanese skin care.

There is an acid in the skin called hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is extremely important in maintaining the elasticity and tone of your skin, and is highly responsible for helping collagen and elastin fibres to hold your skin together.

But there is also an enzyme called hyaluronidase in your skin, and it breaks down all that wonderful hyaluronic acid.

And Phytessence Wakame inhibits the actions of hyaluronidase and so protect your skin from having its hyaluronic acid broken down.

If that all sounds a little complex than the simple way to say it is that the ingredients of Phytessence Wakame protect your skin.

And it’s now possible to get high quality skin care products which incorporate Phytessence Wakame, along with a range of other natural ingredients, and which now, according to studies, are showing extremely positive results in maintaining skin health and improving your complexion.

So that’s the real Japanese skin care secret. Of course you can always start eating seaweed yourself, provided you get the right type, but you might find that it’s not as tasty as you might expect.

Or you can start using natural skin care products which incorporate Phytessence Wakame and give you the same results.

And believe us, seaweed isn’t that good, it’s very chewy.

The best nature skin care products are safe to use and fully guaranteed

Did you realise that in the US there is almost no regulation governing what ingredients go into skin care products? Did you realise that the FDA is not required to approve skin care products before they go on the market, and that any company that manufactures products that go on your skin, including cosmetics, can put virtually any ingredient that they want into the product?

And given the history of big business in the US, are you confident that these companies would only use safe ingredients in their products, despite the fact that there are many extremely hazardous ingredients which may be put into skin care products legally?

No we have no confidence either that the massive companies producing so many of the skin care products you see on the shelves today have a sufficient commitment to their customers that they wouldn’t do anything that might endanger their health.

That’s why we are so keen suggest that you use high quality nature skin care products rather than the big brands. That’s because there is ample evidence that there are some toxic ingredients in so many of the big brands. Just have a look at several of those toxic ingredients, though there’s many many examples, and if you’d like to find out more go to the Cosmetic Safety Database where you can spend some time reading more, or even searching out individual products or manufacturers to find out exactly what’s in those products and what the risk is to your health.nature skin care products

Lets look at a few examples.

1. Fragrances are wonderful things. Everybody likes to smell good, and what’s wrong with smelling good? Everyone assumes that a nice fragrance is distilled from roses or something like that. Sadly that is far from the truth. Most fragrances are simply synthetic chemicals manufactured in a laboratory, and many contain ingredients which can damage your health.

Lets do a search at the Cosmetic Safety Database and see what it tells us about fragrances. You’ll see that fragrance is listed with a hazard score of 8 on a scale of 8 to 10 of hazard.

As you can see from the page fragrances can be linked to neurotoxicity, allergies, immunotoxicity and more. And you will see that there are 934 studies in the Pubmed science library referencing the toxicity of fragrances.

Unfortunately a fragrance is just a chemical, sometimes completely harmless, sometimes not. And sadly there are no regulations requiring companies that manufacture skin care products, or many other products that contain fragrances, to list the chemical ingredients of a fragrance. Usually all you see is “fragrance” on the label.

2. 1,4 Dioxane. This is a known carcinogen and is a byproduct of various industrial processes, and may, or may not, be found in many products. Use the search at the Cosmetic Database we you can see the risks from 1,4 Dioxane. They include the risk of cancer as well as much more. And you can see the link to products which may contain 1,4 Dioxane.

3. Parabens. Parabens are a class of preservative that are used in many skin care products. Search at the Cosmetics Database. ¬†Click on Propylparaben and you’ll see that it is linked to cancer, developmental and reproductive toxicity and immunotoxicity. It can be found in more than 8000 products. Sadly although there are many natural preservatives which work effectively parabens are much cheaper than the natural alternatives, and so are more commonly used.

Hopefully you’re beginning to get the picture, namely that the cosmetics and skin care industries are not regulated, and the companies that manufacture the products can put pretty much whatever they want into those products, and they do, notwithstanding that many of these ingredients are dangerous.

Nature skin care products, or at least the very best nature skin care products, are manufactured only with ingredients sourced from natural sources such as plants, and which are known to be safe to people.

The company that makes the best natural skin care products¬†demonstrates its commitment to the safety of it’s customers by undertaking to only use ingredients which are “safe enough to eat”. In other words they put the health of their customers first.

If all of the above comes as a bit of a shock to you then it’s time for you to spend a little time researching, there’s plenty of information on the Internet about the dangers of many mainstream brands of skin care products, cosmetics and much much more.

And make sure you use high quality nature skin care products the next time you buy your skin care products. Not only are they much safer they are also more effective than the big brand names, and they are backed up with a full money back guarantee so you can try the products risk free and satisfy yourself about the quality of the products yourself.

Do yourself a favor, give the products a try, stay healthy and see how well they work.

Dangerous ingredients in cosmetics video coming, here’s a teaser

For quite some time we have been warning our readers about the risks posed by chemical and petrochemical ingredients in a wide range of anti aging products and cosmetics as well as other personal, health and beauty products such as shampoos, toothpastes and deodorants.

If this is the first time that you’ve visited our site, and if this comes as news to you, then the sad news is that there is a wide range of big name personal products such as skin care products and cosmetics and more which contain harmful ingredients.

These ingredients include petrochemical products, in other words products derived from the distillation of crude oil, such as mineral oil.

And many of these chemicals which are found in so many of the anti aging skin care products and cosmetics that you may use every day have been linked to a wide range of health concerns including cancer.

There is a new video coming out which is produced by the Campaign Safe Cosmetics, an organisation dedicated to publicising this problem and to seeking, however it can, to eliminate the problem of dangerous toxic chemicals in our personal products.

The new video is a 7 minute video. It’s not out yet however it does have a short teaser for you to watch, and we put the teaser below.

Watch the video, and wait for the 7 minute story which is coming out soon. And don’t forget to read the rest of our website to find out more about dangerous ingredients in anti aging products and cosmetics, and where you can buy safe and effective natural anti aging skin products.

Keep your eye out on our site for the 7 minute video. We’ll put it here as soon as we are able.

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