Skin sun damage can be reversed.

One of the biggest causes of aging skin is skin sun damage. Unfortunately the sun, whilst the giver of life to the planet is also, over time, damaging to your skin if you overdo it.

Over the last few decades it has become fashionable to get a suntan. Whilst a suntan may good look at it is actually a visible symptom of the damage that your skin has suffered from the actions of the sun when you were getting that suntan.

As your skin is more exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun it attempts to protect itself by producing a pigment which goes by the name of melanin. Melanin is a slightly darker brown than normal skin and so as the quantity of melanin builds up in your skin while you’re out in the sun you start to look a little browner.

This is a suntan. Unfortunately the cumulative effects of ultraviolet radiation on the skin are one of the biggest causes, some say the biggest cause of skin sun damage over time. It actually has a technical name and is called photoaging.
skin sun damage
The skin does not just react to the ultraviolet radiation by producing melanin that makes you look browner. Sometimes your skin can produce melanin unevenly which can result in a mottled look from irregular pigmentation.

And UV damage can also cause a dilation of the skin blood vessels, also creating a mottled and reddish appearance.

Exposure to ultraviolet radiation can also damage some of the important components of the skin such as the elastin fibres which help keep your skin supple. As this occurs the elastin is less effective and your skin starts to stretch and sag.

Unfortunately the effects of sun damage to the skin are cumulative, meaning that the damage gradually builds up over time, and increases as you get older. Gradually your skin starts to look older, and you start to notice the effects in the mirror.

And of course excessive UV exposure can also lead to skin cancer.

Many people assume that because they do not lie on the beach sunbathing they will not be exposed to photo aging. Unfortunately though this is not necessarily the case. Your face is exposed to the sun every time you go outside, unlike the rest of your body. Whether you’re out shopping, driving the car, having a picnic or anything else where you are exposed to the sun, particularly in summer during the middle of the day, you are exposed to the actions of ultraviolet radiation and therefore photoageing.

Of course it’s impossible to avoid the sun, and you wouldn’t want to as is this also has negative health implications. But you need to understand the actions of photo ageing and to understand the importance of protecting your skin.

Whilst the use of sunscreens may be useful in some circumstances we recommend against using them every day, and also recommend against using anti aging skin care products containing sunscreen. Unfortunately sunscreens can also contain chemicals which may not be good for us, just like many other cosmetics and skin care products, as we have pointed out on this website before.

Using a sunscreen occasionally may be okay but to wear one all day every day may not be a great idea.

When outdoors wear a hat at all times in the summer. This helps substantially.

It is possible to reverse skin sun damage. Whilst you will not return your skin to how it looked when you are 18 it is possible to find excellent natural anti aging skin products that do not contain harmful chemicals in so many modern skin care products and cosmetics and which are very effective at helping reverse the effects of sun damage on the skin.

So remember. Forget about sun tanning, it may lead to skin cancer at worst and photo ageing of your skin. Protect your skin from the ultraviolet radiation of the sun and use high quality anti aging skin care products that do not contain harmful chemicals to help reverse sun damage to the skin.

The sun is the giver of life to all of us, but do not assume because of that the more sun exposure is better than less.

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