Wrinkle free eyes would be on the top of the wish list of every older woman.

Wrinkle free eyes is the goal of just about every woman as she ages. Eye wrinkles, and those dark circles underneath them and crows feet and fine lines just seem to appear around your eyes as you age.

Can you do anything about eye wrinkles or is wrinkle free eyes just a bit of a dream? Lets see.

The first thing to consider is what causes eye wrinkles, as well as those dark circles, crow’s feet and fine lines. Well obviously the principle cause is age, however that is of course taken for granted. But what is it about ageing that causes eye wrinkles, or wrinkles in general?

The general cause of wrinkles in your skin is the gradual loss of collagen and elastin as you age. Collagen and elastin are important skin proteins that are largely responsible for maintaining skin elasticity and suppleness.

Supple and elastic skin is wrinkle free skin, however inelastic skin starts to sag, and it is this sagging that appears as wrinkles.

It’s a sad fact that aging causes the loss of collagen and elastin in your skin. This has been known for some time, and so many years scientists have tried to find ways to replace lost collagen and elastin. To some degree this has been successful, however you need to be careful.
wrinkle free eyes

There are many products that claim to replace collagen and elastin. For example you can buy moisturizers that claim to replace collagen and elastin lost from the skin by adding these 2 skin proteins to the moisturizer. However the reality is that this does not work because the molecule size of both elastin and collagen is too large to enter the skin, and most of it ends up on your pillow.

Then of course there is collagen supplements, or collagen pills. These too do not work because it has been shown that the collagen in the pills does not incorporate itself into your skin.

However it’s also known that the skin can be stimulated to produce more of it’s own elastin and collagen, and the best skin care products seek to improve your levels of these essential proteins not by adding them to the products but by adding ingredients to the products which stimulate the skin to produce more of it’s own. This has been shown to work.

The loss of collagen and elastin is one of the causes of eye wrinkles, however there are also other causes of eye wrinkles that are more specific to the area around the eyes. There are some causes that affects specific areas around the eyes, and can lead to those crows feet and fine lines.

For example there are a plethora of tiny capillaries around and underneath your eyes. As you age and your skin ages with you these capillaries gradually weaken and this leads to some tiny leaks of blood into the skin, particularly underneath the eyes. This is what causes those dark circles.

And fluid can also build up in the same area, and this build up of fluid causes puffiness around the eyes.

Therefore treating those eye wrinkles, and the associated symptoms of skin ageing such as dark circles and puffiness requires an approach specific to tackling eye wrinkles and other symptoms of aging.

There is a product called Eyeliss that has been shown to work exceedingly well in independent tests. It helps improve the drainage around the eyes which reduces the puffiness. It also helps improve the strength of the capillaries so reduces blood leakage.

This however is only part of the solution to obtaining wrinkle free eyes. Improving drainage and reducing eye puffiness and dark circles works extremely well, however it is also important to tackle that loss of collagen and elastin.

There is one product which utilizes Eyeliss as an active ingredient and combines Eyeliss with a range of other active ingredients which seek to tackle all these areas. Some of the ingredients help promote increased production of collagen and elastin in the skin and this is effective in conjunction with the results obtained from Eyeliss, which is also an active ingredient in the product.

This new and revolutionary product for wrinkle free eyes is called the Eye Contour Serum from Xtend Life. Studies have shown that you should see visible results within 2 months.

Xtend Life are so proud of their Eye Contour Serum that it comes with a full money back guarantee. That’s extremely unusual with products such as this and is an indication of the company’s commitment to the quality of it’s product.

This is one of the best ways to obtain wrinkle free eyes. You can do so comfortable in the knowledge that you have a money back guarantee, however judging by the customer feedback from customers who have already use the product it’s unlikely you will need it.

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